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September 12, 2018 On the seventeenth anniversary of the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the United States and the Western world face the same threat by genocidal Islamic terrorists that were responsible for the death of 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil.

Since 9/11, al-Qaeda and other Islamist terror groups have struck the U.S. multiple times, in Boston, MA, San Bernardino, CA, and in Orlando, FL, among other places. Some of the terrorists involved in these attacks first became radicalized through the efforts of the Islamist group called the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB, which originated in Egypt, seeks to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, and advocates for violent terrorism. It has spread its tentacles throughout the world, including to the U.S., where it has a number of front groups including CAIR, ISNA, MAS, and MPAC among others. These groups pose as moderate Muslim civil rights groups and often interact with federal, state, and local governments, spreading disinformation and propaganda to the authorities. Yet many leaders and members of these MB groups have ties to U.S.-designated terrorist organizations and perpetuate their radical ideologies here in the U.S.

How can the U.S. stop the spread of radical Islamic ideology that inspires homegrown terrorists? Can Western Muslim leaders counter radicalization within their communities? And what steps should the United States take to safeguard our homeland and prevent future attacks on U.S. soil? To discuss these questions and more, EMET held a phone seminar with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Kyle Shideler.

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(Washington, DC, September 12, 2018) – Today, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) praised President Trump, National Security Advisor John Bolton, and the rest of the Trump administration, for their order to close the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington DC.  The administration cited the refusal of Palestinian leaders to enter into peace talks with Israel, and their attempts to prompt an investigation of Israel by the International Criminal Court, as the reasons for closing the PLO office.

Since 1994, the year after the Oslo Accords, the PLO has maintained an office in Washington DC.  This office was meant to assist with the implementation of the Oslo Accords and to help facilitate a lasting Middle East peace.

However, the PLO, and the Palestinian Authority it created, have been in violation of many of the terms of the Oslo Accords since they were signed 25 years ago.  Among those violations are: 1) the PLO/PA’s violation of their obligation to refrain from incitement to violence; 2) the PLO/PA’s failure to change the PLO Covenant to remove the clauses in the Palestinian National Covenant which called for the destruction of Israel; 3) the PLO/PA’s refusal to stop supporting terrorism; and 4) the PLO/PA’s circumvention of a negotiated settlement with Israel by seeking unilateral statehood at the United Nations and from other countries.

In her written statement, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said“We have permitted the PLO office to conduct operations that support the objective of achieving a lasting, comprehensive peace between Israelis and the Palestinians since the expiration of a previous waiver in November 2017.  However, the PLO has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel.  To the contrary, PLO leadership has condemned a U.S. peace plan they have not yet seen and refused to engage with the U.S. government with respect to peace efforts and otherwise.  As such, and reflecting Congressional concerns, the Administration has decided that the PLO office in Washington will close at this point.  This decision is also consistent with Administration and Congressional concerns with Palestinian attempts to prompt an investigation of Israel by the International Criminal Court.”

“President Trump has yet again given, not only to the Jewish people, but also to the State of Israel, the United States and the international community, a gift by closing the PLO office in Washington,” said Sarah Stern, founder and president of EMET.

She continued, “Today marks 25 years since the signing of the Oslo Accords when the parties were supposed to have developed a sense of mutual trust in order to go to final status agreements.  For 25 years, we have watched as the PLO/PA continued its relentless campaign to demonize Jews using every means possible, to teach that one day all of Israel will eventually become Palestine, and to extoll the virtues of jihad and martyrdom.  Since the signing of the Oslo Accords, the PLO/PA has nurtured an entire generation that is steeped in a philosophy of enormous antipathy towards Jews, unrivaled in history since that of Nazi Germany, resulting in the deaths of over 3,000 deaths of Israeli civilians, and 70 Americans.  Up till now, the U.S. has turned a blind eye to these and other flagrant violations of the Oslo Accords, consequently reinforcing their malevolent behavior. Meanwhile, the PLO/PA keeps promising over and over again the same pledges that they had made 25 years ago on the White House lawn.  President Trump, by shuttering the PLO/PA office, is finally signaling that the jig is up.”

About The Endowment for Middle East Truth
Founded in 2005, EMET’s mission is to educate policymakers in Washington and the general public about the importance of Israel to the United States in their common struggle against radical Islam. For more information, please visit, http://www.emetonline.org. Follow EMET on Twitter and Facebook.

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Capitol Hill

Frequent reports have been surfacing that the administration is working on unveiling a new “Peace Plan” between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Many details about this plan have remained deeply concealed, but what is known is that the administration would like to make “an ultimate deal.” Various reports have cited the involvement of the United Nations and Egypt, a temporary ceasefire (a “Hudna”) and not a sustainable peace between Hamas and Israel, a reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas with Fatah taking control of Gaza, the opening to Gaza of the Rafa Crossing in Egypt and the Keren Shalom in Israel, and (most dangerously), the buildup of Gaza’s infrastructure with a port for Gaza. To shed some light on this issue, we have three of the world’s most distinguished experts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular, and on the region, as a whole: Dr. Daniel Pipes, Amb. Yoram Ettinger, and Dr. Jonathan Schanzer.

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Please Sign Our Petition for the United States to Finally Recognize Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights!

The Golan Heights is a region that had been captured by Israel in its defensive war of 1967. It was retained, once again, in its defensive war of 1973, when the Israelis successfully repelled invading Syrian forces.

The Israeli government formally annexed the Golan Heights in 1981. Since then, the Israeli side of the Golan Heights has been relatively peaceful.

The annexation of the Golan Heights is an issue that almost every Israeli, right, left and center, agrees with.

However, as of late, because of the seven-year brutal Syrian civil war, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken advantage of the chaos of the situation, and Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces have penetrated as far south as the Syrian town of Quneitra.

Iran is on the march, and is determined to build a land bridge stretching from Tehran to Beirut to Damascus and to the Mediterranean Sea.

A United States recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights would send a strong message to Tehran that their hegemonic aspirations must not go on, unchallenged.

By keeping the Golan Heights in the lexicon of “Occupied Territories,” the U.S. is sending a mixed message to the Iranian-Syrian axis that this region is still in play, and is keeping Israel’s northern front as a potential area of conflict.

U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights would put an end to this dangerous delusion. And when Iran constitutes the greatest menace to the region, and one of the greatest menaces to the world, it would constitute a potent form of “reality therapy.”

Please sign this petition now to call on the administration to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

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Syria claimed to capture a key position overlooking the Golan Heights – an area in the northeastern part of Israel that was taken by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during the 1967 Six-Day War. In May, Iranian forces fired rockets from Syria targeting the Golan Heights, and Iran and its proxy Shi’ite militia groups are expanding their presence in southwestern Syria, attempting to establish military bases on the border.

The Iranian expansion-backed by the Assad Regime- could be catastrophic; the Golan Heights provides Israel with a strategic advantage, and if Israel was attacked from Syria, the Golan Heights would give the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) the ability to withstand ground offensives.

Israel annexed the territory in 1981, and the US has previously assured Israel that it supports the annexation, but has not fully recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan. But members of Congress are now encouraging the Trump Administration to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, in order to counter the presence of terrorist groups in the region, and prevent Iran from taking over the territory.

What are the strategic interests of the U.S. in recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights? How would recognition of Israeli sovereignty potentially help stabilize the region? Our expert panel of Sarah Stern, Zvi Hauser, and Michael Doran explores these questions and more.

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EMET Praises Congress for Restricting F-35 Sales to Turkey
(Washington, DC, July 25, 2018) – Today, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) praised Conferees for the U.S. Congress for producing a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would stop sales of the F-35 joint strike fighters to Turkey until the Pentagon reports on disturbing actions by Turkey.

The language in this NDAA is a culmination of EMET’s efforts to educate the Congress about the specific danger of the jet sale, and the general danger coming from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey.  For months, EMET has been meeting with offices on Capitol Hill to discuss these issues.  EMET staff have produced two fact sheets for Congressional staffers, detailing our concerns.  EMET has also held two seminars showcasing Turkish dissidents describing the dangerous policies of Erdogan’s Turkey.

The House and Senate Conferees announced the NDAA on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.  The NDAA legislates that the Pentagon stop the delivery of the F-35 joint strike fighters to Turkey until there is a new assessment on U.S.–Turkey relations.  Specifically, the NDAA would require the Pentagon to submit a report to lawmakers on the “overall strategic relationship with Turkey,” all foreign weapons sales to Turkey, and Turkey’s intended purchase of the Russian-made S-400 long-range air-defense system.  The report would be due within 90 days of the passing of the NDAA.  The NDAA also calls on Turkey “to release wrongfully detained U.S. citizens including Andrew Brunson and Serkan Golge.”  This NDAA language was included despite misinformed opposition coming from the administration.  The final votes on the NDAA will be held this week in the House, and in August in the Senate.

Although Turkey is a member of NATO, in a violation of its NATO responsibilities, it has bought the powerful S-400 missile defense system from Russia.  If Turkey also receives the F-35s from the U.S., operating the missile system alongside the F-35s would expose the jet’s secrets to the Russian manufacturers and supply them with crucial information on how to intercept them.  Even worse, President Erdogan has proposed that Turkey and Russia work together on producing an even more advanced S-500 missile system.

Unfortunately, this is not the only example of Erdogan’s Turkey shirking its duties to NATO.  Under Erdogan, Turkey has, at times, refused to coordinate its military strategy with NATO.  Under Erdogan, Turkey is holding two Americans on dubious charges.  Under Erdogan, Turkey has physically threatened fellow NATO member Greece.  Under Erdogan, Turkey has routinely threatened to flood its fellow NATO allies in Europe with Middle East migrants.  And under Erdogan, Turkey has even threatened to attack U.S. forces in Syria for their willingness to work with the Kurds in Syria.

Aside from violating its NATO duties, Turkey under Erdogan has often acting dangerously against U.S. national interests.  As noted by the former U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Turkey has taken on a “new role” as a main sponsor of funding for radical Islamist ideology.  Turkey assisted Iran in evading Western sanctions, using a ‘gas-for-gold’ sanctions-busting scheme. Turkey aided ISIS by allowing men and supplies to move across its borders, and also played a key role in facilitating its expansion through black market oil sales – over $1 billion worth. Further, Turkey is a leading financer of Hamas, a U.S. designated terrorist organization, providing $250 million a year, and allows Hamas leaders to operate in the country.

Turkey has also acted against U.S. interests by invading Syria and massacring many of the Kurds living in the northwestern enclave of Afrin.  This delayed the Kurds fight against ISIS.  Right now, Turkey is engaging in a “population transfer,” replacing the Kurds—many of whom shed their blood fighting and dying together with American soldiers against ISIS-with Sunni Arab refugees.

Erdogan’s Turkey is also a dedicated opponent of Israel, and has threatened the Jewish State multiple times.

Turkey has also become an Islamist dictatorship under Erdogan.  In January 2018, the annual Freedom in the World report, produced by Freedom House, classified Turkey as “not free” for the first time.  Turkey’s human rights record has been increasingly poor.  Women’s rights have declined, and gays are increasingly threatened.  Turkey has gradually cracked down on the press, and on freedom of speech.  The Kurdish minority is increasingly discriminated against.  And political opponents of Erdogan are jailed, often on the flimsiest of charges.

“I would like to thank the Congressional conferees for their courage in standing up to the Turkish lobby and elements within the administration to prevent Islamist Turkey from receiving the F-35 fighter jets,” said EMET founder and president Sarah Stern.  She continued, “Too many Americans are mentally stuck in the 1990’s, when Turkey was a strong ally of the U.S.  Times have changed, and now Turkey is a danger to NATO, and a menace to American interests in the Middle East.  We cannot allow the Turks to take possession of the F-35’s, knowing that the Turks will allow the Russians to gain access to this jet’s technology.  EMET will continue to educate the Congress regarding this vital issue, until the final votes are taken.  Our nation’s security, and the security of other nations, such as Greece and Israel, depend on it.”

About The Endowment for Middle East Truth
Founded in 2005, EMET’s mission is to educate policymakers in Washington and the general public about the importance of Israel to the United States in their common struggle against radical Islam. For more information, please visit, http://www.emetonline.org. Follow EMET on Twitter and Facebook.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Capitol Hill

EMET on Capitol Hill hosted Congressman Gus Bilirakis, FDD scholar and former Turkish parliament member Dr. Aykan Erdemir, the pro-Kurdish opposition US representative of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), Giran Ozcan, and EMET’s Director of the Kurdistan Project, Diliman Abdulkader. The panel was moderated by EMET founder and president Sarah Stern. Our panel analyzed the implications of the June 24th Turkish elections called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Leading Turkey since 2002 with the Justice and Development Party (AKP), internally Erdogan has tilted state institutions to further solidify his position, he has targeted political opposition groups, academics, journalists, and the Kurdish minority all while labeling those speaking against his rule as “terrorists.” Erdogan has distanced himself from his short-lived “zero problem with neighbors” policy as he has made more foes than friends in the region. He has threatened Greece with military action while continuing to have a foothold in Northern Cyprus. His incursions into Syria targeting US-backed Kurdish forces has created a diminishing of relations with the United States. Under Erdogan, Turkey has pivoted towards Russia by purchasing Russian missiles incompatible with NATO defense systems. The panel examined the outcome of the elections, what Turkey’s future holds under Erdogan and how this will affect US-Turkish relations.

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July 9th, 2018


Sarah Stern considers herself shy and unassuming, but when it comes to Israel she is a fierce warrior for truth and righteousness. A lifelong Zionist, who worked in major pro-Israel organizations, ultimately determined to strike out on her own to promote messages she wasn’t hearing elsewhere.

Along the way, she has encountered great defenders of Israel both within and without the Jewish community; her annual “Rays of Light” gala deliberately honors courageous non-Jews – including Arabs and Muslims – who go against the tide in their writing or activism, offering perspectives that promote Israel as a beacon of democracy and light.

Sarah embodies these values no less, and has earned a broad following behind her passion and unwavering, unapologetic commitment.



Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.

The host, Rabbi Ari Koretzky, is Executive Director of MEOR Maryland (www.meormd.org), a premier Jewish outreach and educational organization. MEOR operates nationally on twenty campuses and in Manhattan; visit the national website at www.meor.org.”

Originally published on: http://jewsyoushouldknow.libsyn.com/episode-041-the-emet-founder-a-conversation-with-sarah-stern

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There are some standard norms which might be essential to remember while coming up with a site. Developing a site is certainly not a one-person job. Even contribution should be made by the internet or web designer and content material developer. We will analyze a few of the basic www.yorking-hardwood.com guidelines required for developing a successful webpage.

Set up

To make a powerful website, the 1st rule is that your web site should be easy to read. Right from the font size to the background colour of the web pages, each factor should be selected after proper thought. There should be a balance between the written text and track record color. Rarely, one should control the various other. Keep the text message size natural, not also small or too large and there should be minimal use of capital words. The alignment in the main textual content of your web page must be maintained the still left as it allows visitors to look at the content.

Good Direction-finding

Many the web pages must have a few links to other internet pages of your site. Try to associated with hyperlinks clear so that site visitors can easily find it. Moreover, graphic images, like buttons or perhaps tabs, needs to be properly branded and easy to read, instead of making them flashy. Within three clicks, the visitor should be able to visit the webpage she or he is looking for. And moreover, the hyperlinked text should share the principles properly devoid of misleading the customer. Remember, the visitor can be misled once however, not always.

Proper Promo

It really is totally a wrong notion to believe that the work is accomplish after creating a web site. In actual fact, the real operate starts from there. What is the use of the site in cases where there are no visitors? Right here, comes the importance of endorsing your site the two online and in the event required off-line.

You can market your site on the net through search engines like yahoo, award sites, directories, banner advertising, electronic magazines and links from all other web sites. Yet , instead of performing on your own, it is best to take accompanied by a professional online marketing teams. And when it comes to offline promotions, it can be done through classic advertising methods like pic ads, r / c, television, pamphlets, word-of-mouth, and so forth

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For websites which are fresh in the market, it become even more essential to keep the down load time because short as it can be. However , to get a branded name people can easily wait for a long time but for a new one, users is going to consider it just wastage of your time.

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