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Dick Morris
We all know that the United States is enmeshed in a corrupt bargain with the Saudi Monarchy: We keep a blind eye toward their human rights abuses and they continue to supply us with oil. But it takes Sarah Stern’s excellent volume to tell us just how corrupt the bargain is and how self-defeating is the relationship.

Saudi Arabia provides us one million barrels of oil each day and sends more to Europe. It uses the funds to finance jihad all over the world. 90% of fundamentalist Islamist funding comes from Saudi Arabia. It is our petro dollars that pay al Qaeda, fund extremist mosques which recruit terrorists all over the world.

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Jerusalem Post

52 co-signatories tell US A-G Eric Holder say those freed in Schalit deal who harmed Americans should be prosecuted.

A group of 52 congressmen and women called on US Attorney-General Eric Holder on Thursday to prosecute Palestinian terrorists responsible for killing and maiming Americans.

In a bipartisan letter sponsored by congressmen Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) and Howard Berman (D-California), the lawmakers said Israel released more than a dozen such terrorists in October 2011 as part of its deal with Hamas to free kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit.

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Elad Benari
Israel National News

The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) announced on Thursday that 52 Members of Congress have recently co-signed a bipartisan letter, authored by Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) and Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), to Attorney General Eric Holder on the failure of the Department of Justice to prosecute Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists who hurt Americans.

EMET said in a statement on Thursday that the letter calls for “prompt and meaningful steps to enforce provisions of United States law” regarding Americans killed or maimed by PA terrorists. The letter notes in particular the release of terrorists by Israeli authorities during the Gilad Shalit deal who were responsible for the murder or grievous bodily injury of Americans.

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Steven Stotsky

Jerusalem Post

One has come to expect anti-Israel activity thinly disguised by a veneer of academic posing from this venerable Ivy League institution.

On March 3, 2012, Harvard University will host a two-day conference on the “One State Solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Featured guests include academics who seek to delegitimize the Jewish state, the founder of Electronic Intifada and an ex- Palestinian official. No one remotely sympathetic to Israel is identifiable.

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Jerusalem Post

Prominent Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali warns “the threat of radical Islam to all of us, particularly Israel and America, is not just a military threat.”

WASHINGTON – Prominent Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali has warned that the current Arab uprisings may pose new threats for Islamic extremism to extend its influence not only through overt violence, but also through nonviolent political means.

The first of five Speaker of Truth award honorees at the pro-Israel Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET)’s annual Rays of Light in the Darkness Dinner in Washington on Wednesday night, the Somali-born Ali argued in a live video speech that “The threat of radical Islam to all of us, particularly Israel and America, is not just a military threat. It’s more insidious than that.”

Ali, a former Dutch politician currently serving as a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, made specific mention of the dangers posed by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. “The leadership of radical Islam has a radical agenda that gets most of attention, but [there is] also a nonviolent agenda,” Ali said. “The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamist organizations are right there in our midst.”

Ali’s comments come as Egypt prepares for its most democratic election in decades, in which the Muslim Brotherhood is projected to take a substantial proportion of the vote.

Ali touched on her personal encounter with Islamic extremism through her family and upbringing, warning about its impact on individuals’ development.

Ultimately, Ali argued, success in countering extremism must arise from countering the narrative of violence she charged is pervasive in radical Islamic culture so that new generations of Muslims would not be lured into extremism.

Ali said she would use the award as a new platform to help persuade others of the need to “not only understand where the threats come from, but to develop a counter-narrative. Just because you are a Muslim, it does not mean you are doomed to become an Islamist.”

“I think we can win that battle,” she declared.

EMET Founding Director Sarah Stern opened the dinner with a cry for US action in light of the current “Arab hurricane.”

Ms. Stern called on US President Barack Obama to cease military shipments to an increasingly bellicose Egypt, and to stop funding of the Palestinian Authority, which recently agreed to form a unity government with Hamas.

Stern also urged the current administration to openly call for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying that since Obama’s May 19 speech in which he called for Assad to either lead Syria to democracy or step aside, “[the United States] has done nothing over the past month to help the Syrians.”

In not taking these steps, Stern argued, the “only nation empowered… is Iran.”

EMET, whose acronym means “truth” in Hebrew, awarded the Speaker of Truth awards at its annual dinner Wednesday night.

Other awardees included Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona), who gave an impassioned speech on his commitment as an Evangelical Christian to the Jewish state, as well as Palestinian Media Watch founder Itamar Marcus and Iranian human rights activist Manda Zand Ervin. Sen.

Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) was also honored but was unable to attend the ceremony.

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Manda Zand Ervin – Award Winner – EMET Rays of Light Dinner

Manda Zand Ervin came to United States as a political refugee on June 17th, 1980, became a citizen three years later and began her fight for human rights in Iran. She is the founder and president of the Alliance of Iranian Women a group which has deep connections within the Iranian diaspora and within Iran. As the head of the Alliance of Iranian Women, Manda Ervin works to bring the West’s attention to the plight of Iranian women under Islamic Sharia laws

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