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ACTION ALERT: Call Your Senators Today to Ask Them to Vote for S. 3257, the STOP Using Human Shields Act

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would impose sanctions on individual members of Hamas or Hezbollah who direct civilians to shield military targets. Unable to defeat the IDF outright, Hamas and Hezbollah cynically locate rocket launchers and weapons caches in homes, schools, clinics, and mosques, knowing that Israel will be held responsible for the resulting collateral damage.

In the 2006 Second Lebanon War, Hezbollah kept many of its rockets in underground bunkers in uninhabited areas nicknamed “nature preserves.” However, over the last decade, Hezbollah has shifted its strategy and located its arsenals in towns and villages throughout Southern Lebanon. The use of human shields will be even more central to Hezbollah’s military strategy in its next war with Israel.

Hamas has not only used civilian infrastructure from which to fire rockets at Israel, during the 2014 conflict Operation Protective Edge, but Hamas leaders also exhorted Gazan civilians to ignore the IDF’s warnings to evacuate the combat zone. So solid was Hamas’s confidence that it would pay no price and bear no responsibility for collateral damage, that they had civilians stand on the rooftops of buildings that housed rockets or were located near rocket launchers.

The bipartisan STOP Using Human Shields Act is a necessary step to hold the leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas accountable for the double war crime of targeting Israeli civilians while hiding behind their own.

Call Your Senators TODAY to Ask Them to Vote For the STOP Using Human Shields Act!

You can find your Senators’ Numbers Here: http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/

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EMET Sends Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell Urging him to Bring the Taylor Force Act to the Floor for a Full Vote

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, EMET send a letter to Senator Mitch McConnell urging him to bring the Taylor Force Act to the floor for a full vote.

The letter was signed by 13 organizations, representing at least 4.1 million of Americans.

Click Here to Read EMET's Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell



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Action Alert: Call the White House to Reinforce President Trump’s Wish to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Undivided Capital & Move the Embassy to Jerusalem

Action Alert: Call the White House to Reinforce President Trump’s Wish to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Undivided Capital & Move the Embassy to Jerusalem
President Trump plans to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided Capital of Israel and possibly establish a process for moving the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem as soon as tomorrow, reports suggest.

However, there is a very intense lobbying campaign by Islamist and European countries and groups to try to convince the President not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or move the embassy.  Pro-Israel activists need to counter this campaign.

Please call the White House today to reinforce President Trump’s wish to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital and move the U.S. Embassy.  

The White House switchboard number is: 202-456-1414. 

In 1995 Congress passed a law titled The Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act, which passed with great bipartisan support. The law called for Jerusalem to remain a united city and for the US embassy to be moved by 1999, a date long past due. Previous presidents have signed a waiver to the law every 6 months to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv.  We now have the opportunity to change the status quo, but we need your help. Call the White House today.

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Iranian Aggression & Bad Actions Since the JCPOA

Click here to read the entire fact sheet.
“Iran’s malign behavior hasn’t abated since before during or after the nuclear deal in the domains in which I see – which is their development of ballistic missiles, their activities in Syria and Yemen, and in other [Mideastern] nations,” Marine Cops Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, told lawmakers. McKenzie has served as director of the Joint Staff since August 2017. He also called Iran the region’s “most significant long- and short-term threat.”

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Iraq fact sheet

Iraq Fact Sheet


The Iraqi government was created by a new constitution in 2005, after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The government is led by a Kurdish President, currently Fuad Masum, a Shia Prime Minister, currently Haider Abadi, and a Sunni Arab Vice President, currently, Khodair Khozaei. The Prime Minister is the dominant leader. The population of Iraq is estimated to be 38 million, with two official languages, Arabic and Kurdish. Currently, the once powerful Islamic State (IS) Caliphate (both in Iraq and Syria) is in decline. The Kurdish areas in the north are considering secession from Iraq. The central government, as well as Iran and Turkey, all vociferously opposed Kurdish independence. The Iraqi army engaged with the Kurds over Kirkuk, with Iran and the PMF’s supportive of Iraqi forces. The Kurdish authorities retreated and are now only in the official Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) areas. Public officials in the U.S. have also opposed independence and threatened aid. The Sunni majority areas are in the west, and are where the IS is strongest.


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EMET’s Letter to Senators on David Friedman Nomination

March 8, 2017

Dear Senator,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) regarding the United State Senate’s consideration of David Friedman to be the U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

EMET is an unabashedly pro-American and pro-Israel think tank in Washington, DC, committed to ensuring the national security of the United States, and our sole democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Mr. Friedman had unequivocally stated at his confirmation hearings that he plans to represent President Trump, and President Trump would like some sort of a negotiated peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. We have every confidence that just as an attorney represents his clients wishes, Mr. Friedman will represent the goals of President Trump.

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Action Alert: Call Your Elected Officials and Ask Them to Support the Nomination of David Friedman and to Express Dismay Over UNSC Resolution 2334

Please Call Your Senators and Congressman and Ask Them to Support the Nomination of David Friedman as America’s Ambassador to Israel and to Express Your Profound Disappointment Over UNSC Resolution 2334

For  far too long, the State Department and our Ambassadors to Israel, while pretending to be “honest brokers” have had a decidedly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian bias, totally ignoring the one condition that has ever been placed on the Palestinians: to stop the incitement to violence and murder.  This has culminated in a culture that deifies the “shahid,” the martyr, the suicide bomber and knife stabber, and demonizes the Israeli and the Jew.  It has also culminated in the decidedly anti-Israel resolution in the United Nations Security Council, Resolution 2334, which condemns Israel for “illegally” building in land which Israel was forced to occupy in its defensive war of 1967, including East Jerusalem, where the holiest site in Judaism, our Western Wall, sits. This resolution will only serve to reinforce the violence that is already rampant within the Palestinian Authority (PA), and indicates to PA that they can literally get away with murder. This sort of unilateral action at the U.N. and Palestinian reliance on the international community has enabled the Palestinians to bypass direct, face-to face negotiations with the Israelis, whom, at the end of the day, the Palestinians have to live with. This is something that President Obama himself has stated in February of 2011, when he had then vetoed a similar Security Council resolution.  Rather than doing the difficult work of building trust with the Israelis, the Palestinians have chosen to litigate against the Israelis in the court of international public opinion, and have resorted to a bloody campaign of violence, and then expect statehood to be handed to them, gratis.

For the last several years, American ambassadors to Israel have exemplified this profound bias against Israel, and it has not gotten us any closer to the goal of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. It is therefore refreshing that President-Elect Donald Trump has selected an Ambassador to Israel, Mr. David Friedman, who does not share the same biases that are so rampant within the State Department. At a time when the entire world is being plagued by the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism, it is important that we finally have an ambassador to Israel that understands the moral distinction between building an apartment in a suburb of Jerusalem and the wanton murder of innocent civilians.

Please Call Your Elected Officials Immediately and Express Your Support for the Nomination of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel and Your Profound Disappointment Over the Obama administration’s Enabling the Passage of Resolution 2334, by Not Vetoing this Pernicious and Openly One Sided Resolution.
You Can Find Your Senators’ Numbers Here:http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/
You Can Find Your Representative’s Number Here:http://www.house.gov/htbin/findrep
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URGENT – Action Alert: Call UN Amb. Samantha Powers & Urge Her to Veto the Anti-Settlement Resolution TODAY

**UPDATE: Egypt’s Al-SISI is reported to have postponed the UN Security Council Anti-Settlement resolution vote**

Flood UN Ambassador Samantha Powers’ Office with Phone Calls & Urge her to Veto the Anti-Settlement Resolution TODAY.

Please call: 212.415.4404

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote on an anti-settlement resolution TODAY at 3:00 p.m.

The resolution would call for the following:

       – Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem”

       – “All Israeli settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including east Jerusalem, are illegal under international law and constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of peace on the basis of the two-state solution.”

       – Continuing settlement activities “are dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders [sic],”

       – The construction of Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem has “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-state solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.”

       – “Stresses that the cessation of all Israeli settlement activities is essential for salvaging the two-state solution.”

This language is carefully worded to purport to preserve the two-state solution; however, it is extremely problematic for Israel going forward in that it would give credence to the BDS movement and find settlements “illegal” as a matter of international law, which has dramatic implications too numerous to describe. It also would unilaterally determine one of the express items that was to be bilaterally negotiated solely by Israel and the Palestinians. Thus, it would change long-standing US policy if the Obama Administration failed to veto this UNSC resolution.

The UN Security Council is expected to take place TODAY at 3:00 p.m. Please call Amb. Samantha Powers’ office now to veto the anti-settlements resolution.

Amb. Samantha Powers’ phone number: 212.415.4404

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Action Alert: Call Your Congressmen TODAY to Ask That the Administration Does Not Accept the “State of Palestine” as a Sovereign State

Action Alert: Call Your Congressmen TODAY to Ask That the Administration Does Not Accept the “State of Palestine” as a Sovereign State

On March 17, 2016, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) welcomed the “State of Palestine.” There are two US statutes on the books that prohibit the disbursement of US taxpayer funds to entities or organizations affiliated with the United Nations that recognize a “State of Palestine.”

Last year, the President had committed $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund, which is an operating entity of the UNFCCC. On March 7th of this year, the Administration made the initial installment to this fund of $500 million, without Congressional approval, and despite the fact that this contravenes two statutes of US law.

These sorts of actions by UN organizations incrementally bestow the veneer of statehood within the international community to the Palestinians, while circumventing longstanding US policy that statehood between the Palestinians and the Israelis could only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two parties. These actions also allow the Palestinians to proceed as though they are a state without having to live up to any of the commitments they have made since September of 1993, particularly to stop the incitement to hate and to kill Israelis.

On April 18, 2016, 28 Senators led by Senator Barrasso sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting that no US funds be distributed to UNFCCC or its related entities as it violates US law. The letter also calls on the Administration to clarify that it does not consider the “State of Palestine” to be a sovereign state, and diligently work to prevent the Palestinians from being recognized as a sovereign state to join UN affiliated organizations.

Now, Rep. Bill Posey of Florida and Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado are circulating a similar letter in the House.

Call your Congressmen TODAY and ask them to sign onto Rep. Posey’s and Rep. Lamborn’s letter. The letter calls on the Administration to follow the law and stop the distribution of US taxpayer dollars to UNFCCC and its operating entities. The U.S. cannot agree to Palestinian efforts to circumvent direct negotiations with Israel, and must not support their illegitimate claims of statehood by entering into UN affiliated organizations.

The Capitol Hill Switchboard number: 202.224.3121. You may also find your Congressmen by zip code here. Every phone call makes a difference.

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ACTION ALERT: Urge Your New York State Assembly Member to Pass Anti-BDS Bill

ACTION ALERT: Urge Your New York State Assembly Member to Pass Anti-BDS Bill

Soon, the New York State Assembly will be voting on A-9036, a piece of legislation that will prohibit New York State agencies from conducting business with entities that boycott American allies, such as Israel. Its companion bill, S6378A, has already passed the NY State Senate and is on the way to becoming law. A9036, which has broad bi-partisan support, will work against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and ensures that New Yorkers are free to continue to conduct business with our ally abroad.

Existing law already prohibits New York from participating in international boycotts against American allies. This new bill takes it one step further, prohibiting the state from “engag[ing] in any activity, or to promot[ing] or encourage[ing] others to engage in any activity, that will result in any person abstaining from commercial, social or political relations, with any allied nation, or companies based in an allied nation or in territories controlled by an allied nation, with the intent to penalize, inflict, or cause harm to, or otherwise promote or cast disrepute upon, such allied nation, its people or its commercial products.”

Please contact your Assembly Member today and let them know how important it is for them to pass this anti-BDS measure. This is a crucial piece of legislation, and will ensure that the close ties between New York and Israel remain intact. Your voice matters, so please let your voice be heard. Contact your Assembly Member today.

To find your New York Assembly Member click here.

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