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Fact Sheet: Turkey

Turkey Fact Sheet

Turkey has its supporters in this country, on Capitol Hill, but it is largely due to the past track record not the current activity…There is the Turkey we have long relied upon up until the rise of the AKP (the Islamist party that has ruled Turkey since 2003) and now there is a different kind of Turkey. Unfortunately, one we think is going down the wrong path and needs to be engaged and reformed.”     (Jonathan Schanzer, 11/06/14)


Turkey is officially a democratic Republic with a unicameral parliamentary body named the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The parliament has 550 seats, and its members are directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation to serve 4-year terms. The official head of government is the president, who serves a five-year term, and whom is eligible for a second term. However, historically, the prime minister, who is appointed by the president from among members of parliament, has held real power. The Turkish Republic has never been known for the smooth functioning of its democracy, and has suffered from a number of military coups in the past.

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Fact Sheet: Palestinian Authority’s Incitement

Palestinian Authority Incitement Fact Sheet

With the help of Allah, every martyr will be in heaven, and every wounded will get his reward.”
-Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, September 16th, 2015 

“We plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. Jews will not want to live among Arabs. I have no use for Jews. They are and remain Jews.”      

-Cofounder of the Palestinian Authority Yasser Arafat, 1996 

Executive Summary

The Palestinian Authority (PA) was established as a result of the 1993 Oslo Accords, which recognized the newly formed PA as the interim autonomous governing body to oversee the Gaza Strip and Areas A and B of the West Bank. In 2006, Hamas took over control of the Gaza Strip. The PA currently maintains control over part of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). Since Oslo, the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat and now under President Mahmoud Abbas incites terrorism against Jews and Israelis, violating a core tenant of the negotiations. The PA continues to violate the Oslo Accords and has refused to condemn terrorism, but instead encourages, celebrates, and awards Palestinian terrorists.

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Fact Sheet: The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement

Fact Sheet on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement

“Mellifluous talks of democracy and rights and justice masks the B.D.S objective that is nothing other than the end of the Jewish state for which the United Nations gave an unambiguous mandate in 1947. The movement’s anti-Zionism can easily be a cover for anti-Semitism.”
– Roger Cohen, “The B.D.S. Threat,” The New York Times, February 10, 2014

About the BDS Movement

The Boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement is an international anti-Israel movement that seeks to delegitimize and ultimately destroy the State of Israel through the use of political and economic warfare and false accusations. The BDS movement is made up of dozens of NGOs and radical activists around the world, created following a Palestinian civil society “call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it [sic] complies with international law and Palestinian rights,” in 2005, according to the group. The first “Palestinian BDS Conference” was held in 2007 in Ramallah, giving birth to the BDS National Committee, comprised of a number of anti-Israel groups, to serve as the “Palestinian coordinating body” for the global BDS campaign.

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Fact Sheet on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

EMET’s Fact Sheet on the Iranian Nuclear Deal provides an outline of the specific provisions of the deal. This can serve as a resource in order to inform Senators,  Congressmen, and their staff as they analyze and discuss the deal with policymakers.


 To read background information on Iran and the JPA please click below.

Background on Iran & the JPA

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Title VI Fact Sheet

– The Higher Education Act (HEA) was signed into law on November 8, 1965, with the intent of strengthening the educational resources of American universities and colleges and providing financial assistance for students in postsecondary and higher education.

– Title VI of HEA – “International Education Programs” – authorizes the Secretary of Education to fund foreign language and area studies (FLAS) at colleges and universities and National Resource Centers (NRCs). The area and resource centers intend to produce graduates with language expertise and knowledge to contribute to defending U.S. national security interests. There are currently NRCs at 100 institutions of higher education across the country.

– $3.375 million was awarded to Middle East NRCs at 15 universities in 2014 by the Department of Education. More than $13.4 million will be awarded to these NRCs for the entire 2014-2018 cycle.  The anti-U.S., anti-Israel, and oftentimes anti-Semitic, and pro-BDS agenda of professors and programs at a number of Title VI-funded Middle East National Resource Centers (NRCs) is a violation of federal law.

For the full document, please see Title VI Fact Sheet

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Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Fact Sheet

The interim deal, or the Joint Plan of Action (JPA), took effect on January 20, 2014. It was renewed on July 20, 2014 for another four months ending on November 24, 2014. It was renewed again until June 2015.

Sanction relief is estimated to be worth $11 billion over the sixth month period for the Iranians, and eventually, it will be more than $20 billion. The Daily Beast assessed that the easing of sanctions on Tehran, as reported in a study, allowed the Iranian economy to begin to recover, “undercutting Western leverage”.


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Full Version

Short Version

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