About EMET - The Endowment for Middle East Truth

Richard Pollock
Senior Advisor
Contact: rpollock@emetonline.org

Richard Pollock is the senior advisor at the Endowment for Middle East Truth. Mr. Pollock has had careers in journalism, investigative reporting, television production and public relations. Mr. Pollock is an Emmy awarding winning journalist who has been involved in media, journalism, and communications in our nation’s capital for more than forty years.

Mr. Pollock is best known as the Washington producer for ABC’s Good Morning America – a position he held for nearly a decade. He served as its White House producer that permitted him to interview and cover Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

He also served in dangerous places as its Pentagon producer. ABC sent him to cover the first Gulf War from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. GMA also sent him repeatedly to Israel and Egypt to cover terrorism.

He also was in Latin America where he covered a coup d’etat of Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega. He was asked to follow the presidential election in communist Nicaragua where the Sandinistas lost to democratic champion Violetta Chamorro. Because he was the only Western reporter to predict Chamorro’s win and to spend time with her Unita Party, she granted ABC her first worldwide interview as President-elect.

While Pentagon producer, Mr. Pollock was rewarded to serve as Good Morning America’s top producer for five- hours of coverage for the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, live from Normandy, France. He reported from the American cemetery next to David Brinkley.

Mr. Pollock served as senior producer for Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow. While there, the show moved its ratings from last place to first place in the nation’s capital.

Mr. Pollock began his journalism career as an investigative reporter in 1976 with Ralph Nader. He worked for Nader for six years. After his broadcast career, the Washington Examiner approached him and asked if he would like to return to the profession. He went on to serve as their first chief investigative reporter. He was with the Washington Examiner for four years. He then was recruited as the senior investigative reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), the nonprofit reporting arm of the Daily Caller founded by Tucker Carlson.

At The DCNF, Mr. Pollock broke numerous national investigative stories about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the Clinton Foundation, lobbyist Tony Podesta, Obamacare, among other issues.

Mr. Pollock also is familiar with public relations and was able to breath through the noisy media world of Washington, D.C. He owned his own PR firm, Richard Pollock Associates, and later was executive vice president for the London-based global public relations company, Shandwick Public Affairs, which now is known as Weber-Shandwick.

Mr. Pollock has been alarmed by the rise of anti-Semitism here and in Europe. He lost 106 family members in Auschwitz. He said he was comforted as a child by hearing the world say, “Never Again.” But, now, it is back again and he has decided to devote his energies fighting anti-Semitism and to defend the Jewish Holy Land of Israel.