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Annually, we hold at least 250 face to face meetings on Capitol Hill with US Senate and House offices.

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Annually, we host approximately 20 Seminars featuring our brain trust of experts.

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Weekly, we reach 25,000 people through our newsletter, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

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Since our founding in 2005, we have written over 11,000 articles.

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Featured Past Event

EMET’s Capitol Hill Seminar

International Law and The Pompeo Doctrine:
What it Tells Us about the Legal Status of the Communities in Judea and Samaria
Featuring: Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Prof. Avi Bell, and Doug Feith

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Fact Sheet
Judea & Samaria – The Disputed Territories Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Iranian Aggression & Bad Actions Since the JCPOA Fact Sheet
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Known or Possible Iranian Violations of the JCPOA Fact Sheet
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Lebanon & Hezbollah Fact Sheet
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Syria Fact Sheet
Capitol Hill Policy Seminar: International Law and the Pompeo Doctrine

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