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EMET’s Capitol Hill Webinar

The Israeli Elections: A Follow Up Analysis
Featuring: Alex Traiman
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It has taken three elections, and a national health emergency, but the elongated Israeli electoral season has finally come to an end. In a surprise move, late last week, a national unity or emergency government has been formed in Israel, with a rotating premiership between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and General Benny Gantz.

Late breaking developments over the weekend have brought into the government the Labor Party Chairman Amir Peretz. What has happened behind the scenes to bring the Israeli Knesset to this point? Is this finally the end of what seemed to some as the eternal Israeli electoral system?

Back by popular demand to answer these questions and more is Alex Traiman, the Managing Director and Jerusalem Bureau Chief of, and a person who truly “has his finger on the pulse” of these late breaking developments in the Israeli Knesset.

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Capitol Hill Policy Webinar: The Israeli Elections – A Follow Up Analysis
Capitol Hill Policy Webinar – The Israeli Elections
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