About EMET

EMET: The Difference

Everyday, we as Americans are confronted with a barrage of information from different groups, especially when it comes to Israel and Jewish Americans. The most common question that we receive is: “What Is The Difference Between You and The Other Jewish Organizations? Aren’t They All The Same?“

The misinformation put forth by the Main Stream Media about Israel, Jews, and Zionism is a challenge that our tribe has not experienced in the United States before since World War II. Our fight is a multi-front approach where most of the Jewish organizations contribute in the war against Anti-Semitism.

But among the groups, EMET stands out with our specialty. Our primary mission is to educate Congress about the Truth on key issues to the survival of Israel and the Jewish people. Some of these key differences between EMET and others include:


  1. Never Afraid to Speak the Truth. From the days of Arafat until today, and immediately following when the Oslo Accords were signed, we got busy exposing Arafat and his true intentions. These intentions have not changed one iota under Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
  2. Non-partisan Diplomatic Skills Combined with National Security Objectives. For example, we believe that Israel needs defensible borders, and there is no better illustration than the 2005 Gaza withdrawal. We explain it to both parties in a way that makes people appreciate the facts. We do not get involved in defense funding from the US Government, and we do not focus on party politics and being politically correct. We strictly focus on the Truth.
  3. Extensive Network on Capitol Hill. We have worked to create a change in the narrative, through hundreds upon hundreds of Capitol Hill meetings, our weekly articles, and our weekly webinars featuring our “treasure trove” of some of the world’s most renowned experts from outdated failed paradigms to a more realistic understanding of what Israel and the Jewish people are actually up against.

Our Mission

EMET is here to provide in-depth research and analyses which challenges misrepresentations about the Middle East and the nature of the US-Israel relationship. We develop close working relationships with Senators and Representatives and provide them with the up-to-date information and analysis they need while combating other interest groups that influence Congress with misrepresentations about Israel and the Middle East. We provide fact-based briefings to our nation’s policymakers, their staff, and the public-at-large.

What Makes Us Different


EMET provides weekly webinars to educate the general public, legislators, and their staff. We are on Capitol Hill virtually every day, meeting with Senators, Members of Congress, and their staffers to educate them on issues important to the security of the United States, Israel, and the Middle East. Our webinars, briefings, articles, and analyses never shy away from important topics, even if the facts point to conclusions that challenge long-held assumptions about how the Middle East operates.

Invest for Change

Investing in EMET means supporting a young organization, which is lean, intelligent, dedicated, and capable. Nothing is wasted on bloated bureaucracy or cushy Washington D.C. real estate. Supporting EMET means getting your contribution directly to the front lines of the War of Ideas, where it matters the most.

Bringing Issues To Light

EMET was educating Congress on the Palestinian Authority’s blatant and repeated violations of the Oslo Accords while other organizations were busy drawing up detailed maps of the next territory Israel should surrender in the failed “Land-for-Peace” paradigm. EMET was the first organization to confront the failure of the Department of Justice to investigate, indict and extradite Palestinian terrorists who have slain or injured American citizens, despite federal laws which demand such efforts. We continue to work with Congress to bring oversight to the DOJ, and ensure that all Americans receive the justice they deserve. Today, EMET briefs legislators and their staffers on contemporary geopolitical shifts in the Middle East including the Tehran-Riyadh Peace Agreement and what it means for Israel and the United States. Additionally, a large percentage of our time is allotted to initiatives combatting the rise of domestic antisemitism in the United States and other issues important to the Jewish community.

Our Newsletters

With our newsletters, containing a weekly summary of the events and opinions that are shaping the Middle East, EMET has the ability to reach over 11,000 subscribers, including hundreds of Congressional staff, government officials and embassy staff, along with thousands of activists’, community leaders and VIPs. One Congressman has called the EMET Memoranda “required reading” for his staff. This outreach capability enables EMET to deliver vital action alerts to a motivated and capable grassroots so that, to paraphrase President Reagan, “When we can’t make them see the light, we can make them feel the heat.”

Our Staff

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