Dr. Meyrav Wurmser

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Dr. Meyrav Wurmser, the former Executive Director of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), is currently the director for the center of Middle East Policy, and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. During her tenure at MEMRI, Wurmser helped educate policy makers about the distinction between what Palestinian and Arab leaders were saying in Arabic to their own people, and what they say to Western diplomats and journalists in English.

Wurmser has appeared on several news networks including the BBC, Fox News, CNN, PBS, and CNBC. While many others let their hope for peace cloud their judgment of the Oslo peace accords, Wurmser’s sharp knowledge of the PA’s strategy and tactics made her realize the Oslo peace process would be a failure from its outset.

Dr. Wurmser received her Ph.D. in political science from George Washington University in Washington D.C., and has taught courses in political science at Johns Hopkins University and at the United States Naval Academy. She has written many books and mographs concerning Israel, the Arab world, and Zionism, including Building Free Societies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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