Past Webinars

National Security Implications of America’s Open Border Crisis

June 19, 2024

TRANSCRIPT WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE America is facing an unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration due to President Biden’s open border policies and failure to enforce our country’s immigration laws with […]

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Israel Alone: The International Community’s Use of Lawfare Against the Jewish Homeland

June 10, 2024

READ TRANSCRIPT HERE As the United Nations, International Criminal Court, and International Court of Justice focus their efforts on demonizing Israel’s defensive efforts to protect its citizens in the wake […]

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The Significance of Jerusalem Day

June 5, 2024

READ TRANSCRIPT HERE Throughout the ages, many people have laid claim to the holy city of Jerusalem. However, for the Jewish people Jerusalem has played the central role for thousands […]

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Colonel Richard Kemp and the Current Challenges Facing the State of Israel

May 29, 2024

Why is it that Israel, which was brutally attacked on October 7th by Hamas terrorist forces, has been put on the defensive? Would any other country that had endured such […]

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What is Next for the Islamic Republic of Iran?

May 22, 2024

  Sarah: Good afternoon, and welcome to yet another topical and timely EMET webinar. On Sunday, a helicopter crashed in the densely forested, mountainous terrain over northern Iran. Inside this […]

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Normalization of Support for Terrorism

May 15, 2024

    [READ TRANSCRIPT HERE]   Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into one of the most controversial and complex issues in contemporary legal and political discourse: […]

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Special Yom HaShoah Conversation with Holocaust Historian, Rafael Medoff

May 8, 2024

  [READ TRANSCRIPT HERE]   As antisemitism spirals out of control across the globe including on the streets of cities across the U.S., and college campuses are overrun with students […]

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The View from Israel: An Interview with Member of the Knesset Ohad Tal

April 30, 2024

  [READ TRANSCRIPT HERE]   Since its founding, Israel has been fighting enemies who have continually sought its annihilation but today’s wars – military, cognitive, and diplomatic – are presenting […]

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Russian Meddling in the Middle East: A View from Jerusalem

April 25, 2024

  [READ TRANSCRIPT HERE]   Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the evolving dynamics of the Middle East conflict and its geopolitical implications. In this engaging session, we will […]

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Emergency Briefing on Iran’s Attack on Israel

April 16, 2024

[READ TRANSCRIPT HERE] About the Speaker: Behnam Ben Taleblu is a senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) where he focuses on Iranian security and political issues. Behnam previously served […]

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