Title VI

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It begins in kindergarten. Every day millions of children are hearing a barrage of Palestinian propaganda in the classroom. By third grade they are asked to become “freedom fighters for Palestine” to end Israel’s “occupation” of their land.

K-12 textbooks are filled with the most deplorable rewrite of history that denies any Jewish connection to Jerusalem, suggests that Jews control America, and literally replaces Israel with “Palestine” on the world map. No wonder by the time these children get to the university they are already primed to hate Israel.

This hate-filled curriculum comes from federally funded training workshops for K-12 teachers across America. Anti-Israel professors receive federal grants through Title VI of the Higher Education Act (HEA) to instruct K-12 teachers using Saudi-funded text books and other virulent content.

We need to stop using taxpayer money to fund biased university professors who are feeding anti-Semitic lies and one-sided political propaganda to our students.

Colleges and Title VI: Stopping Anti-Semitism
A “Core” Problem