Bruce Abramson

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Bruce D. Abramson, Ph.D., J.D., is a prolific author and an engaging speaker. His writing covers a diverse array of topics, including: American politics and political theory; foreign policy and the Middle East; religious freedom and civil liberties; business and economics; antitrust and intellectual property; technology and innovation; artificial intelligence and big data; and law and public policy.

Dr. Abramson has maintained a solo private practice for nearly fifteen years, following stints as a college professor, a defense contractor, an antitrust economist, and a law clerk. He combines skills acquired in each of those positions to provide his clients with top-flight analysis and strategic guidance as they navigate the complex terrains of litigation, growth, innovation, and policy. Over time, he has become a masterful troubleshooter, delivering effective results to clients who arrive with dire needs, insufficient time, and constrained budgets.

While Dr. Abramson does like to earn a living, he accepts assignments only from clients he believes he can help; he believes that a good advisor must confer value far in excess of cost. Perhaps above all, he likes to think that he has maintained his common sense despite his impeccable education, credentials, and experience.

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