Articles Citing EMET’s Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the Removal of Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

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As many of you might be aware, EMET authored a letter signed by a dozen pro-Israel and/or Jewish groups, to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Eliot Engel requesting that Representative Ilhan Omar, (Democrat, Minnesota), be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, because of her continuous anti-Semitic statements and tweets, and because she had very recently spoken at a function for Islamic Relief, an organization with known terrorist ties, so much so that the respected financial institutions of Credit Suisse, UBS and HSBC have all felt it necessary to sever all ties with the group. In 2014, the government of Israel banned Islamic Relief because of its known ties to Hamas, and in that same year  United Arab Emirates severed all ties to the group and labelled it a terrorist organization because of its known ties to Hamas.

We feel that our national security interests and those of our fellow democratic ally in the Middle East will be severely compromised by having Rep. Omar sit on this all important and sensitive committee, where she will have access to classified information.

The letter was delivered to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s  and Chairman Eliot Engel’s offices on Monday, March 4th, and by Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump was tweeting about it. His exact words were: “Representative Ilhan Omar is again under fire for her terrible comments concerning Israel. Jewish groups have just sent a petition to Speaker Pelosi asking her to remove Omar from Foreign Relations Committee. A dark day for Israel!”

By Tuesday morning, EMET’s Founder and President was called to Fox and Friends to discuss the letter. Here is her interview.

We have generated a tremendous amount of media attention because of this. Below are some of the stories:

Pro-Israel groups seek Rep. Omar’s removal from Foreign Affairs Committee-One America News

Rep. Omar and anti-Semitism in Congress-One America News

Rep. Ilhan Omar anti-Semitic remarks spark controversy-One America News

Leading Jewish groups demand anti-Semitic Omar be removed from Foreign Affairs Committee-Washington Free Beacon

12 pro-Israel groups call on Pelosi, Engel to remove Omar from House CommitteeJewish News Syndicate

Jewish groups: anti-Semitism resolution ‘means nothing’ unless Ilhan Omar removed from committee-Washington Times

House Dems will take floor action to confront Omar’s latest Israel comments-Politico

Pelosi under pressure from Republicans, Jewish groups to drop Ilhan Omar from House Foreign Affairs-Washington Times

Trump: Ilhan Omar comments are a ‘dark day for Israel’-Times of Israel

House Dems to vote on resolution in response to Omar’s anti-Semitic comments-Washington Free Beacon

Center joins major Jewish organizations in demanding Rep. Ilhan Omar be removed from House Foreign Affairs Committee-Center for Security Policy

Pelosi gets pushed to drop Omar from committee-WorldNetDaily

Ilhan Omar: Foreign affairs chairman says congresswoman should remain on committee amid Republican effort to remove her over Israel comments-Independent

11 pro-Israel groups call on Pelosi, Engel to remove Omar from House Committee-Cleveland Jewish News

Engel says he won’t remove Minnesota Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee-Jewish Press

Among the ‘Jewish groups’ Trump cites, one with neo-Nazi ties-Roll Call

Roll Call smears Jewish groups that called for Omar’s removal from House Committee-Washington Free Beacon

Trump cited a letter against Ilhan Omar signed by far-right, anti-Muslim groups-The Intercept

Cal Thomas: the Democrats’ Jewish problem-Post Bulletin

Democrats divided ahead of expected House resolution condemning anti-Semitism-Jewish News Syndicate

One nation under Allah? Lieberman warns fellow Democrats they are on slippery slope-World Tribune

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