AUDIO: Phone Seminar “Russia’s Intentions in the Middle East”

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“Russia’s Intentions in the Middle East”

Featuring Dr. Ariel Cohen

(Washington, D.C., December 20, 2016) Just this week the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed while attending and event, and with the recent intense bombings of Aleppo by Russia slaughtering thousands of Syrians, and the successful offensives by the pro-Assad forces in the country, the international community has become increasingly concerned by the escalating bloodshed in that nation. More than 500,000 Syrians have been killed, and millions have been driven into exile, which has greatly destabilized the Middle East and Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become a dominate player in the Syrian civil war, and the region, and has largely blocked a strong American role under the Obama Administration.  The Russians have brought planes, tanks, ships, and men to Syria to help the Syrian dictator Assad, and already have two separate bases in the country, giving the Russians their long desired “warm water port.”  Working in tandem with Iran, they have established huge armies to reinforce Assad’s crumbling forces.  Although Moscow claims it is their to fight ISIS, it has largely focused on destroying Syrian rebel forces that are not affiliated with ISIS.

What exactly is Russia trying to accomplish in Syria? And whose side is Russia really on? And what can the new US Administration do to counter them?  To help answer these questions and more, please join us for a phone seminar featuring international security expert Dr. Ariel Cohen.

Photo credit: Turkey Russian Ambassador

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