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Daniel Pipes

National Review Online

In a piece at the National Review Online’s “The Corner” Blog, Dr. Daniel Pipes, founder of the Middle East Forum, highlights the history of the MEF’s “Campus Watch” program, now ten-years old. In particular he notes the role played by EMET founder and President Sarah Stern, together with Stanley Kurtz and Martin Kramer, in passing legislation which obligates universities which take federal Title VI education funds for their Middle East Studies programs to provide “diversity of opinion” in their outreach.

Unfortunately, the educational centers which are taking taxpayer dollars are still not abiding by the spirit or in some cases letter of the law, and EMET is concerned with the percieved lack of necessary oversight to insure that the law is observed. EMET continues to seek to work with interested members of Congress and Senators to insure that Middle East Studies centers are unable to use federal dollars to promote a biased, and in some cases anti-American and anti-Israel, indoctrination on Middle East issues.

We also look forward to working with EMET advisory board member Daniel Pipes, the MEF, and other concerned groups in continuing to pursue this issue, since as Dr. Pipes notes there remains, “… much work yet to do.”

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