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An Abundance of Christmas Gifts for Abu Mazen

A special star must have been shining brightly above Ramallah, a place not too far from Bethlehem in miles, but light years away in spirit, when Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, was born. Abu Mazen had always been Chairman Arafat’s right hand man, and has credited himself with having had encouraged Arafat to walk away from the negotiating table at Camp David, yet he has been regarded by most as a more reasonable interlocutor than Arafat, a new-born Messiah, who can deliver the goods.

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The Word out of Zion

Jerusalem- I am sitting on a terrace overlooking the Judean Hills, framing the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament building. The early morning sun has bathed the new day in a majestic splendor. My grandfather, a sweet, learned rabbi from Europe, who saw much evil in the world but chose to fill his days with the words of Talmud and of prayer, would have given his right arm to have had the privilege to see the view that I am now experiencing- of the seat of an independent, democratic Jewish state.

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The Utter Gall of Goldstone

Sarah Stern and Alexander Levkovich

The Goldstone report commissioned by the United Nations Council on Human Rights as a result of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza last winter, has totally ignored the founding charter of its illustrious institution of which the Human Rights Council is an heir. While the report goes into great detail of the obligations that “an occupying power” has under the Geneva Convention, it is questionable whether, under international law, Gaza is still considered an “occupying power”. 

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Reducing Foreign Policy to the Lowest Common Denominator

“Everything would have been just fine, if only Adolf Hitler hadn’t lied to me.”
—- Neville Chamberlain
The problem with a multilateral approach to foreign policy is that it entrusts governments who do not have the same moral standards that we do, to operate along the same moral lines; it reduces our foreign policy to the lowest common denominator.

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Libel Terrorism

If there is anything that rivals the insidiousness of the Saudi regime, it is the blatant assault that the Saudis have made on our own precious first amendment rights, particularly our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This is what is sometimes referred to as “libel terrorism” or “libel tourism” .

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