Democrats Face Test on U.S. Mideast Policy

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I don’t envy the position of sensible Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate these days.

As Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said recently – the world is on fire – and President Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, continue to fiddle, or even add wood to the fire, whenever they are on the foreign policy stage, which is daily.

In Iraq, contrary to White House propaganda, American air attacks are not doing enough to damage the Islamist barbarians of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

So little damage has been done, in fact, that ISIL has plenty of time to destroy the ancient cities and statutes of its own ancestors because of their supposed “blasphemy.” So little damage has been done that ISIL is still able to hold onto its conquered territory, to rape and pillage and tax its non-Sunni Muslim minorities, and employ chemical weapons against the Kurds. Also, in that same nation, the Islamist barbarians of Iran are tightening their grip over the Southern half of the country.

Because of President Obama’s faulty decision making, especially the decision to remove all American troops, the Iraqi government was forced to seek the support of the Iranians, who have now largely eclipsed the U.S. in their influence over the Iraqis.

In Egypt, President Sisi, who has worked in harmony with Israel and other moderate Sunni nations allied with the U.S., has courageously called to reform his own religion of its extremist elements, and has proposed that an Arab force take the ground war to ISIL. So, naturally, President Obama is an opponent of President Sisi’s, and instead promotes the more cultured Islamist barbarians in the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). As a consequence, the U.S. continues to slow the resupply of the Egyptian army with military weapons to tackle MB-supported terrorists in the Sinai and ISIL in neighboring Libya, even as the latter are busy executing Egyptian citizens. As a result, Egypt has been forced to turn to Putin’s Russia for its armaments.

In Iran, the (already mentioned) Islamist barbarians in Tehran are continuing to take the Obama Administration to the cleaners in the P5 + 1 Joint Plan of Action (JPA) nuclear negotiations. So bad are the results of these negotiations (from the American point of view) that in over just two years, President Obama has steadily abandoned his and his nation’s prior “red lines”, so that now, instead of the U.S. requiring that Iran destroy its entire nuclear infrastructure – as six prior UN resolutions demanded – the Obama Administration is weakly forced to trumpet that it would be satisfied with an Iran with only 6000 nuclear centrifuges and only one year away from producing nuclear weapons.

Why this is considered a success by the administration is not explained. With a nuclear weapon in Iranian hands, Islamist Iran may well be free to expand its domination over the rest of the Middle East, and to control the flow of the global oil supply.

It’s not like the Islamist Iranians aren’t already on the offensive throughout the Middle East (even without a nuclear weapon). Only recently, Iranian backed Yemeni Shia rebels grabbed control of much of Yemen; a nation located in a crucial position for world commerce. Iranian allies, if not Iran itself, are also increasingly in control of much of Iraq (see above), Lebanon, and Syria. Plus, the Islamist Iranians fund terrorists, rebel groups and criminals throughout the world, including in Afghanistan, Libya, Europe, and Latin America.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his Administration continue to promote a non-existent Iranian fatwa against nuclear weapons and imaginary Iranian compliance with the JPA.

President Obama and his Administration seem to have delusional beliefs when it comes to the state of the world. And, as a result, he is producing delusional policies which may eventually have very real world casualties, including Americans.

But not all of the Democrats on Capitol Hill are in line with President Obama.

Starting on April 14th, Congress can finally act to, at the very least, ameliorate President Obama’s appeasement of Iran. The Senate, acting in a bipartisan fashion, can vote to advance S. 615, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, sponsored by Republican Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, and the former Democratic Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and current Ranking Member, Bob Menendez. This legislation would merely provide for congressional review and oversight of the final agreement relating to Iran’s nuclear program, so as to (hopefully) prevent a bad deal from being implemented. With a bit of luck, the Senate will be able to do so with enough votes to override the threatened veto of President Obama.

Following this, the Democrats need to work with Republicans to correct the President’s delusional and potentially dangerous foreign policies across the board.

I know it will not be easy for any Democrat to take on their Party Leader, President Obama, and possibly be called a “traitor” or “war monger” by his sycophantic allies in the government and the media. But I think they have come to the fork in their road, and they must make the right decisions about our foreign policies in the Middle East, including the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

The future security of the United States may well depend on it.

Originally published at World Tribune:

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