EMET Strongly Opposes Samantha Power Appointment as Our Ambassador to the United Nations

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Today, The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) expresses its strong opposition to the nomination of Samantha Power as United States Ambassador to the United Nations .

Power, a longtime Obama foreign policy advisor, has radical views which would be detrimental to promoting a strong American foreign policy and would weaken the position of one of our strongest allies, Israel.  Power is known for encouraging American apologies to nations abroad, and for favoring American use of “soft power”, except when it comes to Israel, where she’s encouraged the U.S. to create distance between the two allies, and even to impose a radical plan on the Israelis to benefit a future Palestinian state.  This plan was originally described in a 2002 interview, where Power discussed what advice she would give to a prospective President.  Power called for “billions” of dollars in infrastructure aid to create a Palestinian state and a “mammoth protection force” made up of U.S. troops to protect the Palestinians from alleged Israeli human rights abuses.  Later Power disavowed her own plan, claiming, “Even I don’t understand it.” Power has also accused the U.S. of being overly deferential to Israeli security needs , and has accused Israel of “thumb[ing] their nose” at the United Nations.  She has also downplayed legitimate concerns regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  Additionally, Power’s strong support for the international law doctrine termed “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), which was at least in part responsible for encouraging the Obama Administration to overthrow the Qaddafi dictatorship in Libya, prompted the resulting security nightmare and resurgence of jihadists in North Africa.  Finally, Power’s abrupt termination from the President’s 2008 election campaign, after calling then Senator, and later Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton “a monster,” clearly demonstrates that Power lacks the diplomatic tact required for the role of U.N. Ambassador.

“Samantha Power is clearly the wrong choice for UN Ambassador, particularly at this sensitive juncture in history,” said EMET’s President and Founder Sarah Stern. “Considering Power’s openly hostile positions on Israel as well as her deep seated resentment for the United States, and her biases in favor of the Palestinians despite their continued incitement to hate and to kill Israelis, our one true democratic ally in the region,  and on the Iranian nuclear program, “she continued, “this appointment shows supporters of Israel that the Obama Administration’s worst instincts are coming to the fore in its second term. It’s deeply distressing.  We oppose her nomination in the strongest terms possible.”

The Endowment for Middle East Truth is a seven-year old Pro-America, Pro-Israel think tank and policy shop operating in the capital, Washington, D.C., dedicated to preserving and defending the national security of the United States, and its one true stable, democratic ally in the Middle East; The state of Israel.

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