EMET supports new U.S. Senate legislation to increase Iran Dome funding

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(July 28, 2014, Washington, DC) – Today, The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) expressed its strong support for a “clean” bill to increase funding for the Iron Dome system.
EMET strongly supports the legislation to increase Iron Dome funding, sponsored by Sen. Mitch McConnell. Iron Dome is a mobile all-weather air defense system, jointly funded by Israel and the U.S., which is currently protecting Israel from Hamas missiles. The Iron Dome system has intercepted around 420 rockets during the current hostilities. Its effectiveness rate has been estimated at about 90% interception of the missiles aimed at populated areas. According to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, “Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives.” This legislation would meet a supplemental funding request from the Pentagon for $225 million in additional funding for the Iron Dome system. The added $225 million would be used “to accelerate production of Iron Dome components in Israel to maintain adequate stockpiles,” Hagel has said. An agreement with Israel calls for more than half the funds the Pentagon provides for Iron Dome to be spent in the U.S.

Other legislation, proposed by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the Senate Appropriations Chairwoman, is much more problematic. The Mikulski legislation ties the new Iron Dome funding to a much broader multi-billion dollar supplemental bill that would primarily address the crisis of unaccompanied migrant children entering the United States from Central America. EMET strongly believes that funding for the Iron Dome system should not become a partisan issue, and should not be tied to any other issues that are not germane to it. The Mikulski legislation, unfortunately, does both. As Chairwoman Mikulski has herself stated, “Israel is an essential American ally, and needs these assets to defend itself.” EMET agrees with her statement, and, as a result, does not want this necessary legislation to become bogged down in partisan/ideological politics.
Founder and President of EMET, Sarah Stern, congratulated Sen. McConnell on his Iron Dome legislation, “We at EMET strongly support this necessary bill to increase funding for the incredibly effective, life-saving Iron Dome system.” She continued, “It is important that the Senate and House pass this legislation as soon as possible, and not let it get sidetracked by other issues.”
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