Europe acquiesces while Jews are threatened, and killed. Again

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When Gunther Grass, a German writer, wrote a nasty bit of verse attacking the Jewish state of Israel and defending the Mad Mullahs of Iran and their genocidal desires to destroy the world’s Jews, many of the chattering classes in the Europe were, oh-so-shocked.  Considering Grass’s background as a member of the notorious Waffen S.S., I was not.  The only shocking thing to mewas that a Nazi verbally attacking the Jewish state was considered newsworthy by anyone in the real world.

Likewise, when a French Muslim Arab brutally massacred a French Rabbi, his two sons, and an eight year old girl, I was disgusted, but not shocked.  But once again, many in Europe were.  Disgustingly, the French government, which loves topolice the language of some critical of Islam, did nothing to head off the killer, or crack down on his religious inciters.  Over the years, the French government has often gone out of its way to avoid prosecuting, condemning, or even exposing, the anti-Semitic preaching of French imams, which prompted the mass murderer to murder.  Apparently, if the incitement is in another language, and against Jews, it is not all that important to the French government.

Now, some Dutch Muslims have been caught on tape, praising Hitler and the Holocaust, and hoping for a new slaughter of Jews.  Once again, some in Europe are shocked.  How could these children say such things?  But, these days, the Dutch elites are too busy going after Geert Wilders for his speech, which they claim incites hatred against the Dutch Muslim minority, to bother prosecuting the speech of Dutch imams, whom actually incite hatred towards the Jewish minority in the Netherlands.  So, as a result, young Dutch Muslims learn to hate Jews.

There have been, and there will be, many more such incidents of the European elites expressing their surprise when anti-Semitic incidents occur in Europe.  And you can be sure that as before, the respective European governments will keep expressing their shock, but do absolutely nothing to learn from this incident or act to prevent the next one.

None of this European obliviousness to anti-Semitism shocks me, though.

I guess I can thank my family for this.  My great grandfather, Nathan Trigoboff, and his father, Samuel Trigoboff, were all too familiar with anti-Semitism, violence against Jews, and an uncaring European elite.  Their story educated me to build up an immunity to the false conventional wisdom I keep hearing from some today, about how Europeans are civilized people who respect their Jewish minorities.

When Nathan was a teenager, the Czarist government of Russia drafted him to join their army.  This was, of course, the same army that often led pogroms against Russian Jews.  Nathan was incredibly strong and muscular; in his picture, his build resembles that of a professional boxer, like a young Mike Tyson.  But Nathan, and his father Samuel, knew that for a Jew to join the Russian Imperial Army was basically to receive a death sentence.  Nathan would either be worked to death, killed by his comrades at arms, who were usually virulent anti-Semites, or killed in battle.  And the Russian elites wanted it this way, while the “progressive” elites from the rest of Europe merely looked away.

So, to save his son, Samuel sent Nathan to the United States of America, the one nation then in existence that actually cared about the minorities of the world.  Including Jews.  And Samuel did so knowing full well the legal consequences – Russian law demanded that the father of a draft evader must serve in his son’s place.  To avoid the fate he had saved his son from, Samuel then sliced off his own trigger finger, making it impossible for him to use a gun and thus, useless to the army.  Years later, Samuel Trigoboff joined his son in America, and sure enough, his Ellis Island records make note of his missing finger.

The Jews of Europe need to wake up to reality.  There is no future for Jewish life in that dark continent.  It is time for European Jews to go to a nation that welcomes and appreciates them, either the U.S., or (now) Israel.  The 600,000 Jews in France need to go.  The 250,000 in the U.K. must leave.  So too, must those Jews in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Russia (and the former U.S.S.R. states), Italy, and, of course, Germany

Otherwise, in a matter of time, each and every one of these European Jews will be dead.  And the elites of Europe will, like Renault, limit themselves to expressing their “shock” each time another Jew is killed.

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