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EMET’s Sarah Stern was on WABC radio on the “Religion on the Line” show

February 24, 2008

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EMET’s Sarah Stern was on WABC radio on the “Religion on the Line” show which is broadcast to millions of listeners in the New York-New Jersey area. She spoke about the issue of the Americans who had been murdered by Palestinian terrorists, mostly at the hands of Fatah. She spoke about how they had used the 1990 anti-terrorism Act which enables the to use the American judicial process to argue their cases, and how, in many cases they have already won multi-million dollar judgments, but that attorneys representing the Palestinian Authority went to the State Department and complained that these judgments would “bankrupt them.” The State Department stated that is was considering issuing a “Statement of Interest” to the Department of Justice and to the individual courts involved, nullifying these judgments for reasons based on “National Security Interests”. Ms. Stern spoke about the fallacies implicit in that statement. She described how that in order to secure our “national security interests” we should let these judgments stand. She described hoe Israel stands as the Eastern outpost of Western civilization protecting all of us from radical Islam, and about how in American foreign policy, we are always looking at today, and not tomorrow, how we built up Saddam Hussein as the lesser of the two evils against Khomeini, and how we built up Osama Bin Laden against the Soviet threat, and about how we are now building up Fatah against Hamas. Ms Stern explained how by nullifying these judgments, a toxic message, undermining American national security interests, would be sent through the netherworld of the internet, that America is not really all that clear in its resolve in the War on terror, and that the lives of certain of its citizens are more worthy of justice than others.

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February 24, 2008



WABC studios
2 Penn Plaza, 17th Floor New York
New York City, NY United States
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