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Why Must Israel Continue to Fight in Gaza

  https://youtu.be/G8XV8BMIhQE     Israel has faced mounting pressure from the international community as well as from the Biden administration not to finish the job it has begun in Gaza. On Thursday, while speaking over the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Biden said that “an immediate ceasefire is necessary to protect innocent civilians.” An […]

A World Without the Islamic Republic of Iran

https://youtu.be/BLg8K-nTEfA     While much of the international community focuses its attention on the Israel/Hamas war and the Houthis disruption of maritime traffic in the Red Sea, the head of the snake that is terrorizing the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is being ignored at the world’s peril. In a recent Middle East Forum […]

Iranian Dominance Over the Middle East

  https://youtu.be/0pyfEsYWL6E     As the international perspective of the world has focused primarily on the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, many have neglected to address the actual root cause of this war: The Islamic Republic of Iran. We know that Iran lacks the courage to directly engage itself in any conflict. Instead, it uses its […]