The Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism

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Sarah Stern

Sherri Mandell, whose son Koby was murdered by Palestinian terrorists wrote this heartrending op-ed in today’s Jerusalem Post, discussing the ongoing struggle to bring to justice terrorists who murder or maim American citizens abroad. The article mentions the painstaking work of Sarah Stern, now president of EMET, in creating the OJVOT as part of the Koby Mandell Act, named after Sherri’s son. EMET remains committed to seeing congressional oversight applied to the OJVOT office, and bringing to justice terrorists who think they can strike Americans with impunity, thanks to successive administrations which have chosen to focus on failed diplomacy instead of justice. This sends out an extremely dangerous message to terrorists about American’s foreign policy resolve in the struggle against global jihad. For the sake of our moral standing in the world, and the commitment to justice which is part of our national fabric, and for the sake of the families who seek the peace that justice would bring, EMET will continue to strive to ensure that those who inflict terror upon Americans face American justice.

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Kyle Shideler
Kyle Shideler is the Director of Research and Communications for the Endowment for Middle East Truth

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