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Live Israel update with Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi

https://youtu.be/3bOQ0A5UF70 <p data-pm-slice="1 1 In a recent and deeply tragic turn of events, a harrowing assault orchestrated by Hamas on Israel during the weekend left an overwhelming toll in its wake. Over 1,000 precious Israeli lives were lost, with an additional 3,418 individuals suffering injuries, as per the official report from the Israeli Embassy in […]

Further Israel update with Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi

https://youtu.be/HmpSrOStPK8   <p data-pm-slice="1 1 In this upcoming webinar, we invite you to gain critical insights from Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi as he offers on-the-ground updates amidst the dynamic developments in Gaza, in light of the impending Israeli offensive. Discover key information regarding evacuations, casualties, hostage situations, the U.S. response, and escalating tensions along […]

Update on the War Facing the State of Israel on Several Fronts

  https://youtu.be/dpGqzBFs3C8     After approximately 80 days of intense fighting in Gaza, Brigadier General Amir Avivi of the IDF (ret.) will explain the many hardships young IDF soldiers have to overcome in an environment of urban warfare, where there is approximately a 300-mile “metro” system of deep, underground tunnels for Hamas rulers to live […]

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