Press Release: Israel: A Safe Haven for Christians in the Middle East

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Congressmen Lamborn and Stockman join Father Gabriel Naddaf on Capitol Hill for ‘Israel: A Safe Haven for Christians in the Middle East’ November 20, 2014, Washington, DC – On Monday, November 17, The Israel Forever Foundation (IFF), The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) and The Face of Israel hosted a discussion on Capitol Hill, featuring Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX), and Father Gabriel Naddaf on the ‘plight of Christians in the Middle East’ and the freedoms they enjoy in Israel.

Thousands of Christians throughout the Middle East are persecuted, slaughtered, and raped on a daily basis because of their faith and devotion to Christianity. Christians who refuse to convert to Islam are targets of radical Islamists and terrorists and have been robbed of their basic liberties and freedom of worship. Christian communities that have survived peacefully for millennia in parts of the Middle East and Central Africa are now rapidly decreasing. There is only one country in the Middle East where Christians find safety and have freedom of expression and worship – Israel.

Father Gabriel Naddaf is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the town of Yafia, near Nazareth in the North of Israel. He also serves as the spiritual leader of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, a growing movement that empowers local Christians to volunteer for Israeli army service and fully integrate into mainstream Israeli society.

“Father Gabriel Naddaf, who has put his life on the line to speak in support of Israel and Arab Christians, is a true hero and an inspiration to all supporters of Israel and the free world,” Jennifer Dekel, Director of Research and Communications of The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) said. Israel remains today the only country in the Middle East working to protect the rights of all our citizens. “The Israel Forever Foundation is pleased to share and publicize Father Naddaf’s allegiance to Israel. His recognition of the safe haven Israel provides for Christians is a message the entire free world needs to hear. Through his work developing avenues for Christians to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF has seen a two hundred percent increase in the enrollment of Christians in recent years. By speaking on Israel’s behalf, Father Naddaf is showing the world that the reality of the Jewish homeland stands out from within an afflicted region.” said Heidi Krizer Daroff, North America Director of The Israel Forever Foundation.

“EMET is honored to have had the opportunity to host Father Naddaf in partnership with Israel Forever. We call on the world-wide pro-Israel community to help enable the Father to speak to thousands of audiences around the world so he may continue to spread the emet – the truth.” Dekel added. Father Naddaf is a strong public voice of support for Israel and against the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Father Naddaf’s activities have made him a controversial figure, drawing criticism from Arab MKs as well as threats against his family and attacks on himself from extreme anti-Israel communities. Last month Father Naddaf appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to discuss the plight of Middle Eastern Christians.

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