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This morning, the world awakened to the horrible news that Sheldon Adelson (1933-2021), is no longer among us. Sheldon was a great friend, a proud American, a proud Zionist and a proud Jew and the world is a somewhat less warm and hospitable a place, in his absence.

Sheldon was born in poverty and made his way up to being one of America’s most successful businessmen. In some ways, he was a giant of a man. A shrewd businessman, many might have been put off by his direct and candid manner of speaking, but I knew, underneath his gruffness, he was a very big-hearted man. He cared passionately about his fellow American veterans, and equally passionately about the survival of Israel.

And he was extremely generous. Many people were unaware that throughout the pandemic, in which the hotel and casino industries were both hard hit, Sheldon made sure every single one of his tens of thousands of employees got paid.

Sheldon stood on principle, and if something badly needed to be said or needed to be done, Sheldon would not hesitate to fill the void. He and his wife of 32 years, Miriam, gave EMET its first major contribution, almost 16 years ago.

Sheldon will be mourned and eulogized by many, but his loss will be felt, not so much around Board rooms, or business lunches, but by those who knew him and loved him the most, including his wonderful wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, and their four chidden.

His shoes will be tremendously difficult to fill. May Miriam and their children be comforted among the mourners of Zion in Jerusalem, and may Sheldon’s memory forever be for a blessing.

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Sarah Stern
Sarah Stern is founder and president of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET).

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