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Crystal City Gateway Marriot is hosting the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), one of the nation’s most notorious anti-Israel groups, tomorrow, October 20th. The group has a long history of anti-Israel bigotry and recently defended Hamas action which murdered 1,400 Israelis.

CAIR says it will focus its event on the “Palestine crisis,” and is planning to host notorious anti-semites such as Linda Sarsour. CAIR will likely use the event to further demonize Israel and raise funds for the cause of antisemitism and anti-Israel bigotry.

This is a very sensitive time for the Marriott to host such an incendiary group that has a long record of spreading hatred. We call on Marriott to cancel this dangerous event of the hate-spreading organization, especially after the brutal massacre of so many innocent Israelis. CAIR’s long history of links to terrorism and antisemitism should discourage Marriott from hosting their event.

Please join us in calling the Marriott to demand that they cancel this dangerous CAIR event:


Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA: (703) 920-3230 (event venue)

Marriott Customer Service: 800-535-4028

Marriott Int’l Corporate: (301) 380-3000

Email: Marriott Int’l Pres. & CEO Anthony Capuano:

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