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To Call Your Senator or Congressman- Dial (202) 224-3121

Robert Malley, the US Special Envoy to Iran, has been suspended from his duties and deprived of his security clearance because of the alleged mishandling of classified information to the Iranians. This might constitute a grave offense and, considering the nature of the Iranian regime, may constitute treason.

After the JCPOA was agreed to, Congress passed the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA), which was overwhelmingly passed in both chambers and signed into law by President Obama. INARA requires the administration to inform Congress about any agreement, arrangement, or understanding with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is a matter of federal law (Public Law 114-17) that Congress must be fully apprised – and so must the American people – about the extent and nature of the negotiations underway with the Islamic Republic of Iran. If there is any agreement with Iran, the Executive Branch has five days to submit it to Congress for review to verify, among other things, that Iran’s nuclear activities will not be used “to further any nuclear-related military or nuclear explosive purpose, including any research on or development of any nuclear explosive device or any other nuclear-related military purpose.”

The regime has never concealed its enmity towards the United States and our allies. Congress and the American people also deserve to know about the specific nature of US national intelligence secrets that might have been compromised after it has been reported that Robert Malley has been “put and leave” after his security clearance was suspended due to undisclosed behavior currently under investigation. Mr. Malley, the architect of the original JCPOA under the Obama administration, is known to have had friendly relations with Iranian officials and has worked closely with NIAC, considered by many to be the Islamic regimes lobby in the US. He also has a long history of deep and personal involvement with Third Worldist anti-American revolutionary regimes. This background makes the news of Mr. Malley’s current situation profoundly alarming, given his position in the US government.

This is a profoundly serious matter, and the American people deserve to be informed.

We ask you to call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and demand that there be a full and open public debate and congressional investigation into Mr. Malley’s conduct, as well as about the exact nature of any negotiations or understandings that we have with the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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Sarah Stern
Sarah Stern is founder and president of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET).

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