America’s International Credibility Post-Afghanistan

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We have examined how the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan is perceived by our friends in the region, our enemies in the Middle East and throughout the world. But what do our Western allies think? Britain alone lost at least 457 troops since entering Afghanistan in autumn 2001. Had the United States forewarned our Western allies about the removal of our forces? How has this affected the perception of the United States in Great Britain, in Europe and among our NATO allies? Here to answer these questions and more was Colonel Richard Kemp.

About the speaker: Colonel Richard Kemp has spent most of his life fighting terrorism and insurgency, commanding British troops on the front line of some of the world’s toughest hotspots, including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland. Colonel Richard Kemp served in the British Army from 1977-2006 and has completed 14 operation tours of duty around the globe. He is now a writer, a prolific journalist, media commentator and motivational speaker. He provides strategic consultancy services on leadership, security, intelligence, counter-terrorism and defense.

Since retiring from the Army Richard has been responsible for the security of one of the most threatened terrorist targets in London, has advised on countering the terrorist threat in New York and Mumbai, and was appointed special adviser on terrorism to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. He is a Senior Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute, the world’s longest-established military think-tank; and a board member of Friends of Israel Initiative, Advancing Human Rights and NGO Monitor.

Colonel Kemp strongly believes that the IDF has done more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other military in the history of warfare. Following Operation Protective Edge, Israel was accused of war crimes at the United Nations. Colonel Kemp responded by stating the following: “While the IDF made efforts, unprecedented in any other army, and exceeding the requirements of the laws of war, to save Palestinian civilian lives, including warning them to leave target zones, Hamas forced them to remain in those areas.”

Colonel Kemp was a lone voice in defending Israel; he declared that he supported Israel because it was the decent and right thing to do and that he was proud to be criticized by those who wished Israel harm.

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