Bernard Lewis, a distinguished scholar, public intellectual and author of scores of books, articles, lectures and essays, was a true scholar of the Middle East and represented the discipline of Middle East Studies prior to the Edward Saidian revolution, when it was still in its “Golden Age”, and before it became so highly politicized. Professor Lewis had a remarkably profound influence on the way America and the West had viewed the Middle East, and constantly met with world leaders who would call upon his vast knowledge of the area.

Three individuals, who had known him closely and in different ways will be presenting: Martin Kramer, founding president of Shalem College in Jerusalem and Koret Distinguished Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Harold Rhode, former advisor to the Pentagon and Middle East scholar, and Buntzie Churchill, longtime companion and editor of many of Professor Lewis’ books will be giving a fascinating talk, about the life of Mr. Lewis and the death of Middle East Studies, as it ought to be taught.

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