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Caroline B. Glick Senior columnist at Israel Hayom

Melanie PhillipsJournalist, broadcaster and author

About this webinar: The Leftward Movement of Diaspora Jews and Jewish Organizations – What does this mean for Israel, the fight against antisemitism and Jewish life outside of Israel?

Caroline B. Glick is a senior columnist at Israel Hayom, Israel’s largest circulation newspaper. Her work in English appears in Israel Hayom’s English edition and is syndicated to scores of Jewish newspapers and web publications worldwide. Glick served as senior columnist and senior contributing editor at The Jerusalem Post from 2002-2019 and as senior columnist at Maariv Hebrew newspaper from 2014-2019. She is currently writing a book.

Melanie Phillips is a journalist, broadcaster and author, is Britain’s best known and most controversial champion of traditional values in the culture war. Her weekly column, which currently appears in The Times of London, has been published over the years in the Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times and Daily Mail. You can follow Melanie’s work at her website,

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