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Iran’s Modus Operandi: Insisting that the US Cave in to its Demands on Re-Entering the JCPOA While Simultaneously Unleashing its Own Terrorists and Those of its World Wide Proxy Army, Hezbollah, Against Any Country it Deems its Enemy


Steve Emerson Founder and Executive Director at The Investigative Project on Terrorism

About this webinar: Throughout the electoral campaign, President Joe Biden has announced his intention to go back to the JCPOA, the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. When asked about this in his Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State, Tony Blinken said he wants to return to the negotiations to make the deal “longer and stronger.” We know that the Iranians are weeks to months away from nuclear breakout.

In the six years that have transpired since, the Iranian proxy Hezbollah has created a land bridge stretching from Tehran, to Baghdad, to Damascus to Beirut to the shores of the Mediterranean. We also know that Hezbollah has an arsenal of approximately 30 to 150,000 missiles staring down at Israel from her northern border in Lebanon. And Hezbollah has many other terror cells throughout the world that can easily be triggered with a wink and a nod from Sheik Nasrallah or from the mullahs in Tehran.

How is the United States and the other P5 plus 1 nations supposed to negotiate a fair deal with the Iran knowing the stakes are so high? Why is Israel and her Arab Gulf allies not invited to have a seat at the table, when they are the ones who will have to bear the direct consequences of these negotiations? Here to discuss this is the highly acclaimed terrorist hunter and documentary producer of world renown, Steven Emerson.

Steve Emerson is considered one of the leading authorities on Islamic extremist networks, financing and operations as well national security and intelligence. He is the Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, a non-profit organization that maintains one of the world’s largest storehouses of archival data and intelligence on Islamic and Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Emerson and his staff frequently provide briefings to U.S. government and law enforcement agencies, members of Congress and congressional committees, and print and electronic media on terrorist financing and operational networks of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and the rest of the worldwide Islamic militant spectrum. Emerson is recognized as one of the first terrorism experts to have testified and warned about the threat of Islamic militant networks operating in the United States and their connections worldwide.

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