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David P. Goldman – Author of You Will Be Assimilated: China’s Plan to Sino-Form the World (2020) and How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying, Too (2011)

About this webinar: Earlier this summer, Iran and China signed a joint economic and military pact, clearing the way for billions of dollars to enter the Iranian economy, which has, up until now been badly suffering, due, to a large extent, to the Trump administration’s efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic.

Iran is desperate for both currency, and for a trading partner for its vast supply of oil, which has remained in surplus due to American sanctions, alternative energy supplies, and the covid-19 crisis which has impacted travel, worldwide; and the People Republic of China is anxious to expand its presence throughout the globe. The agreement also calls for joint military cooperation between both countries, including intelligence sharing, joint research and weapons’ development, joint training and exercises.Here to shed sunlight on this pact between two of America’s greatest foes, and what it bodes for both the United States and Israel is David Goldman.

David P. Goldman is the author of “You Will Be Assimilated: China’s Plan to Sino-Form the World” (2020) and “How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying, Too” (2011). He writes the “Spengler” column for Asia Times and contributes to The Wall Street Journal, Claremont Review of Books, Law & Liberty, First Things, Tablet Magazine and other publications. He has also written extensively on Jewish philosophy for the journal Hakirah. Previously he was global head of debt research at Bank of America and head of credit strategies at Credit Suisse. His firm Macrostrategy LLC advises institutional investors.

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