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While much of the American public has been obsessed with the impeachment proceedings thousands of brave dissidents have been demonstrating throughout the streets of Iran, risking their lives in an attempt to overthrow the brutal chokehold of their Islamist regime. At least 1,500 demonstrators have been brutally murdered by the regime. Most of the population were born after the 1979 Revolution and resent the repressive atmosphere of their suffocating theocracy.

For many of the trouble spots in the region, and the world, the Iranian regime is the chief engineer in its struggle for regional and global hegemony. The sanctions against Iran seem to be working to weaken the economy as well as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the recent assassination of Qassem Soleimani may be a tough blow for the regime to recover from.

Are we beginning to notice a crack in the regime? How long can such a regime of fear and repression sustain itself when the will of most of the people is not behind it? Are we doing all that we can to assist these courageous dissidents in their struggle for freedom? Here to answer these questions and more, are some of the nation’s leading experts.

WATCH – “An Examination of What is Occurring on the Streets of Iran Today, and Whether it Signals a Crack in the Tyrannical Hold of the Regime.”

The seminar featured four of the world’s most renowned scholars of Iran and the Middle East, Ken Timmerman, Dr. Harold Rhode, Manda Zand Ervin, and Dr. Walid Phares. 

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