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On November 1st the citizens of Israel went to the polls and have spoken. They clearly elected a more right-wing government. Likud, together with other members of the right-wing parties received 65 seats, of the 120 in their Parliament, the Knesset, which is a clear majority and a 20-seat advantage over the left. What are some of the reasons why the Israeli people have decided to cast their votes to the right? Who will be part of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet? How will this government differ from the last in terms of Israel’s national security interests, the increasing wave of terrorism from the Palestinians, and the threat from Iran? Many on the left are somewhat hysterical that this election bodes the end of Israeli democracy. How does one respond to such allegations? How will this election affect the structure of the Israeli Supreme Court? How will this election affect relationships with the international community as a whole, the Biden administration, with the countries that have signed the Abraham Accords?

Here to answer these questions and more is Alex Traiman

About the speaker: Alex Traiman is the Managing Director and Jerusalem Bureau Chief of Alex has his finger on the pulse of everything that is happening in Israel and within the Israeli Knesset. He has written scores of articles and had directed and produced major films, such critically acclaimed as “Iranium” and “Honor Diaries.”


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