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Sarah Stern: Good afternoon, and welcome to another topical and timely EMET webinar. My name is Sarah Stern, and I am the founder and president of EMET. As you know, EMET is an unabashedly pro-Western, pro-democracy and pro-Israel think tank and policy institute. We focus on the Middle East at large. We write and publish at least one article every week, and we meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill almost every day. They have come to rely upon EMET for accurate and reliable assessments of current events in the Middle East. To continue our work, we rely on the support of every one of you. We interview a special personality every week and no one is as special as Mosab Hassan Yousef. This particular webinar is particularly near and dear to my heart.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of Hamas. According to Mosab’s handler, Gonen Ben-Itzhak, he has saved tens of thousands of innocent lives. If anyone knows and appreciates the psyche of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, it is Mosab Hassan Yousef. He used his keen intellect and profound moral compass to penetrate the years of brainwashing he was exposed to as a young child. Mosab understands what actually is at stake in this war.

Mosab, can you please provide a brief history of Palestine and the ideological and religious dimensions of the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

Mosab: First of all, thank you for having me, Sarah. Before we begin, I would like to thank you for everything that you did to save my life. You say that I saved many lives but I do not have evidence of that. I was just part of a big operation which may have led to the saving of human lives. In your case, you saved my life directly. I am not saying this to compliment you, it is the truth. Fourteen or fifteen years ago, I was a very young stranger in this country and no one was there for me. You were the first Jewish organization to recognize me. You were the Jewish mother who took care of me when my own mother abandoned me for political reasons.

You saved my life because you helped me during my deportation. I will never forget it and I will always be grateful for it. So, thank you for having me. Thank you for saving my life and for giving me what I needed at that time. Fifteen years later, the fruit of your work is evident in my life and in the lives of many others. You are such a great warrior. I love you. I respect you and I cannot overestimate the impact that you are having on the world. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sarah: Mosab, I feel towards you as I feel toward my sons, I adore you. If there is any life worth saving, it is yours. You have had such a profound and tremendous impact on so many people.

Mosab: Thank you. Thank you very much. The situation is messed up. I think everybody on this webinar understands that the conflict with Hamas is not a normal one. We are dealing with a case of a genocide committed by savages on October 7th, with a truth inversion following shortly after. The perpetrators suddenly became the victims, and the victims were forgotten. We see a global intifada today based on a false narrative. Over the past few months, we have witnessed the tactics of self-deluded individuals. We have observed how fast they are able to twist the narrative, the scripture and the law. We see how they are able to turn the truth upside down. They want to normalize violence. They want to legitimize rape, slaughter, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the kidnapping of infants. They want to reward terrorism with a state and with legitimacy. This contrived legitimacy comes at the expense of a legitimate ethnicity, country and democracy and at the expense of a diverse society.

There are many reasons this is happening. The Jewish people have survived many atrocities. They have survived attempts at ethnic cleansing, genocide and expulsion. They have endured all types of human cruelty attempting to uproot them for being the ethnic group which is the guardian of the Ten Commandments. Today, it is evident to me that the inflated human ego does not want to be anchored to, or limited by, the order of the universe. It wants to do whatever it wants in the name of Palestine, Nazism and progressive ideologies. There is an assault on the guardians of the universal design. This is my opinion, from a spiritual point of view.

I know this is not a religious gathering and we are here to discuss attacks on Jews, but I think everything is connected. What we are witnessing is not only an assault on the Jewish people, it is an assault against the universal design and against order. It appears that many do not want to follow the order, they want chaos. They want an intifada, which literally means chaos. Their hostility is not just against a religious minority. It is against universal design and the supreme designer. In their pursuit, they are going to cause extreme human suffering, and eventually, total destruction.

This is their madness. They do not understand they are dependent on universal design and that none of them has the authority to change the foundations of existence. We have hundreds of millions of people disseminating false narratives about the Holy Scripture. They want to replace the ancient, most trusted, most proven prophecies, with fables and junk. That does not work. They are attempting to subvert the universal design and to do whatever it takes to satisfy their ambitions.

What we are dealing with is very serious and does not appear to be slowing down. On October 7th, we witnessed an attempt to commit ethnic cleansing and genocide. By all standards, this is what the October 7th attack was. Such an attack could not be tolerated by the Israelis. I do not understand what people expected. Hamas committed the capital crime, the ultimate crime. Then they hid behind their children, their women and their civilians. They deliberately sacrificed civilians to gain world sympathy. It appears all these self-righteous people fell into Hamas’s trap.

Instead of uniting to condemn Hamas, they condemned Israel. They did the opposite of what they were morally obligated to do. The outcome is a global intifada and global chaos. The Palestinian ideology is nothing but the sick ideology of ambitious people willing to sacrifice their own children for political and economic gain. Instead of rejecting this ideology, many have embraced it. They have discovered that it suits their ambitions. So now we are dealing with a global embrace of an ideology more rigid than that of Hamas. We are dealing with a serious problem and I worry that things are going to only get worse.

Sarah: Can you discuss the Islamic theology on which this Jew-hatred is based? What do the doctrines of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and the Muslim Brotherhood say about this? Do you have suggestions on how to combat this hatred?

Mosab: You are a witness to what I have been saying since the beginning. You know how firm I have been in the stance I took on this issue. From the outset, I refused to differentiate between political Islam and Islam itself. This is because Islam itself is a problem. Jihadists around the globe are inspired by the Quranic text, by the Hadith. It is not only Hamas and other Palestinian factions who follow the Hadith, Islamists from all around the globe do the same. Now, I personally do not know if Muhammad ever existed. If he existed, I do not know if the narrative based on his life is accurate. Scientists and historians have not found a legitimate source validating the existence of Muhammad and the stories written about him.

Even if Muhammad existed, I would not have a problem with him because I would judge him in the context of the culture in 7th century Arabia. It was a brutal culture where killing baby girls was normal because society was ashamed of them.  The culture was based on slavery, human trafficking and idol worship. People lived in total ignorance and did not know how to read or write. So, if I were to accept that Muhammad existed, I would accept him in the context of his environment. As I said, I do not have a problem with Muhammad. However, I do have a problem with those who project their sick egos onto him. They are willing to use the prophet to justify unbridled aggression and assaults against other religions.

The Crusades did not come from nowhere. Prior to the Crusades, there was a huge Islamic assault on the West and the East. They took humans as slaves. They stole the intellectual property of every civilization. They conquered, killed, destroyed and raped. Based on the Quranic text, every woman and child were viewed as booty. You can look into Surah Al-Anfal. It is the booty-Surah. Around 5% of the Quran discusses how booty should be divided between Muslims. This is because there were big conflicts between the Muslims around who gets what? There were arguments about who gets more booty and who gets less. This is the Quran.

We have a big problem stemming from people who think that they have a monopoly over the truth. The central tenet in Islam is that there is no divinity, but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. As such, belief in the God of Abraham, the God of the Bible, is regarded as corruption. The creator of the universe and of all mankind, is Allah and Allah has a problem with the Jewish people. This is because they have been disobedient and have fallen from his grace. Muslims now have the right to punish the Jews for eternity. They can also punish all the non-Muslims who do not obey or submit to this Allah. This is nothing but an ego projection onto a hypothetical entity. The entity is so flexible that hundreds of millions can project their egos onto it. As a result, anyone can just do whatever they want in the name of Allah. Their belief in Allah, gives them permission to be peaceful in the morning and commit acts of rape in the evening.

We are discussing the deepest level of human delusion and it is very dangerous. We need to recognize the problem in order to address it. Of course, I understand the Jewish people are a small minority who cannot openly confront a major religion of close to 1.6 billion Muslims. It is suicidal and it is also not the Jewish way. I am not advocating open confrontation with Muslims but it is important to understand and recognize reality. There is a scripture that mentions the Jewish people by the name. It focuses specifically on the Jewish people as an ethnic group and as a religion.

Many Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and atheists, fail to understand that the assault committed on October 7th is not based on a land dispute. It is not a political conflict. There is a religious dimension to it. If the rest of the world understood this, it would be much easier to obtain consensus that attacks like those are unacceptable. I do not want a religious war. Actually, I am trying to subvert a religious war by pointing out the root cause of this problem. We have witnessed 1400 years of assault. This did not start on October 7th. 1400 years of ethnic cleansing is documented in Islamic books.

At the very least, we need to ask the moderate Muslims, who are the majority, to disavow the religious war against the Jews. They need to articulate it plainly. They need to make it clear that they do not have a problem with the Jewish people. However, since October 7th, almost no respected Islamic institution or a high-profile Islamic leader has stepped forward to publicly renounce the attack from both a political and a religious perspective. Most of the Muslims who know their scripture, also know that the hatred against Jews, springs from the Quran. This is what they recite five times a day on loudspeakers in all the major cities.

This is where it gets frustrating and where I get tense. I have been talking about this issue for fifteen years and I cannot think of any other way to persuade people. It appears they are not paying attention or they are in denial for some reason. It is our responsibility to make sure people understand what is happening. Israel is a superpower with a nuclear capacity that can wipe out the Islamic world if necessary. As such, we will not see a repetition of the Holocaust that happened almost a hundred years ago.

The madness of trying to ethnically cleanse the Jewish people, will lead to a total destruction of mankind. Why is everybody testing this? Why isn’t everyone working together to outlaw Hamas, remove them from power and apologize to the Jewish people. Why are we not insisting that Muslims drop the hateful verses from their Quran? The war against the Jews is madness and Muslims need to assume some responsibility for it. The world’s existence depends on diversity and the Jewish people are the blueprint. Nobody has the authority to remove them from the domain of consciousness. No one, not the Muslims, not the Christians and no one else. So, with that said, people need to understand how serious this is.

Sarah: Mosab, given all of that, what is your view on the two-state solution? Since 1993, we have witnessed the state department returning to the same old tried and failed solutions over and over again.

Mosab: At a minimum, Palestinians should not be rewarded for their violence. Past proposals for a Palestinian state were based on good faith and they are no longer valid. Yasser Arafat and the PLO gained legitimacy from the Oslo Accords, but failed to fulfill their responsibilities in that regard. They obtained legitimacy and then continued along the path of violence. The PLO actually encouraged Hamas during the second Palestinian intifada and did not condemn Hamas after October 7th. Today, they are exploiting the situation through their giant global diplomatic operation. They use this operation to incite violence against Israel, to fund the BDS campaign and to fund pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli movements around the world. They are using the United Nations podium to delegitimize Israel and to spread lies of apartheid, of colonialism and of genocide. They know that this is not what Israel is doing but they refuse to tell the truth about the reality of the situation.

So, who is this peace partner we are talking about? If there is no peace partner, what is the basis for the two-state solution? Where will this Palestinian state be placed? I can cross the whole country from east to west in less than forty-five minutes. Where do they want to fit this second elephant? Who is going to create the state and at whose expense? Why is Israel obligated to give a so-called state to a so-called people?

The so-called Palestinians are not an ethnic group and they are not a nation. Palestine was never a country and a Palestinian nation never claimed ownership over the land. Divided, conflicted political gangs feel they are entitled to land. These gangs harbor extreme political views. They are without leadership, without a clear goal and have zero legitimacy. Does Israel need to give up its security, its territory, and its future and become dependent on them? In reality, they are referring to a Palestinian state built as a replacement on the rubble of Israel. Who in their right mind would agree to something like this? So, you can basically say goodbye to the two-state solution. The two-state solution is not possible, especially given Palestinian objectives of rape and kidnapping and destruction via intimidation, blackmail, deception and manipulation.

I am not sure if the Arab people qualify as an ethnic group. However, to refer to Arabs as an ethnic group makes a lot more sense than referring to Palestinians as such. This is because Palestinianism is an ideology. It is a mental illness. Now, the mentally ill around the globe have joined in the chorus and they are loving it. It suits them very well because they can just do whatever they want at the expense of hardworking people who actually earned a state.

Of the Arabs in the area, around two-million live in Israel. If the Arabs want to live peacefully in the vicinity, they will need to recognize the existence of Israel. They must respect the Jewish people as natives of the land. They need to concede the Jews have a historic right to the land and that they have been connected to the land throughout the millennia. There are overwhelming artifacts, archaeology, evidence, currency, Bibles, and scriptures proving the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. As long as the Palestinians are in denial about this, there is going to be a problem. So, they need to get themselves educated and learn their history. Anti-Zionism is nothing but anti-Semitism. It is simply another way to deny that the Jewish people have been ethnically cleansed by the Muslims and by the Ottoman Empire.

The connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is eternal. It is not only about land. It is also about the spirit, the memory and the collective achievement of the Jewish people in that part of the world. The Jewish people did not steal the land. They did not take the land illegitimately, even in modern times. Theirs was a natural, legal migration under the supervision of the superpowers of that time. People bought and developed the land. They built it from scratch. So, all this claim of colonialism and stealing of the land, is insanity.

Bottom line, if they prove to me that Palestine existed as a country, then we may say they are entitled to something. Until then, they are not entitled to anything because Palestine never existed. It was a colonial entity created by the British. During the time of the British, even Jewish people were called Palestinians. The Jewish people earned their independence from that colonial power. The Arabs and Palestine are just a state of failure. This is what it is. The Arab state of failure was not able to accomplish what the Jewish people accomplished in that land because they have been blinded by their hatred. Today they continue with the same strategy and with the same energy.

So, the two-state solution does not apply, at least not in the near future. There could be another solution that would maintain the security of Israel and the security of the Arab communities in Judea and Samaria. That can be achieved. Economic solutions can be achieved. People can receive education, infrastructure and help in all other areas of life. I am not against that. I actually advise that it be done. However, I do not want a revolution in the name of Palestine.

Palestinian ideology does not actually seek a solution. It is not about a two- state solution. It is more about a two-state problem. It seeks a problem and not a solution. If the Palestinians wanted a solution, they would have taken every opportunity offered to them. This is their lie and I think we are done with it. We do not want a revolution that sacrifices both Jewish and Arab children. In the morning, they slaughter Jewish children for revenge and in the evening, they slaughter their own children for propaganda. Enough of this madness. This so-called revolution in the name of Palestine must come to an end. This Palestinian cause must die. We do not want this false identity unless they reshape it. It must be reshaped in a way that advances coexistence not only with Israel, but also with the other countries in the area, including Jordan and Egypt. Until this happens, we should fight against this destructive ideology with everything we have.

Sarah: Can you discuss the relationship Qatar has with Hamas? People like Ismail Haniyeh, Mousa Abu Marzook and Khaled Mashal, live in the lap of luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha. At the same time, they send their children and their people to die in Gaza. What is the relationship between Qatar and Hamas and what are your opinions about the role of Qatar in all this?

Mosab: Qatar has been part of the problem and not part of the solution. They create chaos. They are like people who create a virus then provide the vaccine. They created the original problem. They are complicit in what is happening today and should be held accountable for it. Hamas leadership has lived on their soil for many years. Qatar empowers Hamas. They give their leaders immunity and funds. They were complicit in the attempted genocide on October 7th. Today, Qatar pretends they are doing Israel a favor. Qatar has been a part of the problem and from day one. I urged the Israeli leadership to assassinate all Hamas leaders on Qatar soil. I do not know what’s wrong with the people who are in charge. They have the power and they have the capacity to change the equation with respect to Quatar and Hamas.

Why not take Ismail Haniyeh’s head? That is the adequate response to the criminals who committed genocide and endangered the entire region. They destroyed Gaza. They put civilians in harm’s way while sitting in the Four Seasons protected by Qatar. Well Qatar should have learned a lesson. I would have never accepted them as mediators because they are not honest brokers. They are not fair and they are not honest. They are manipulating Israel. They deceived Israel. They should be punished for the crimes they have committed.

Sarah: It is crazy. What do you believe is Egypt’s responsibility in this? There are at least five hundred miles of tunnels going in and out of Egypt. Those tunnels were used to smuggle weapons into Gaza. Everybody is always looking towards Israel to provide humanitarian aid for Gaza. Doesn’t Egypt have any responsibility here?

Mosab: Of course, Egypt has a responsibility. Everything that happened, occurred under Egypt’s watch. Egypt cannot explain the American weapons found in Hamas tunnels with serial numbers on them. Those weapons were intended as aid for the Egyptian army. How can they explain the same weapons being found in Hamas tunnels? Did they sell the American ammunition to terrorists? How much does the United States give Egypt annually in military aid? How much has the United States taxpayer given Egypt over the years? Why isn’t the US government applying pressure on Egypt, a supposed ally. Hamas smuggled weapons from Egypt to Gaza under Egypt’s watch.

The obvious solution to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, was to open the border with Egypt and allow the most vulnerable civilians to leave. This would have removed the human shield card from the hands of Hamas and would have enabled Israel to eradicate Hamas. This was the most logical solution from day one. However, Egypt insisted that they did not want to kill the Palestinian cause. They wanted the Palestinian cause to continue at the expense of humanity, of children and of civilians.

Opening the border between Egypt and Gaza should have been a priority. In war, there are no political borders. This is especially true when people are dying. The war against Hamas was inevitable and there was no way to avoid it. The fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields did not mean they were immune to retaliation. Israel had no other choice but to engage in one of the most difficult wars of our times. No modern army is prepared for such a mission. While Israelis were still mourning October 7th, they had to send their foot soldiers to die in Hamas booby traps. The entire Gaza Strip was functioning as a death trap. Israel had no desire to enter Gaza, but it was unavoidable. Egypt could have played a role. They had an obligation. However, they abandoned their responsibility. They also turned a blind eye as Hamas smuggled weapons into Gaza. They are the same as Qatar. They have been complicit in this crime. Of course, Israel did not want to risk the peace agreement with Egypt even though it has been exposed as simply ink on paper. The situation is devastating. Egypt, Qatar and the rest of the world have also been complicit. The United States government has been part of this problem as well.

Sarah: Okay, so we have received many questions. One of them asks whether you think the United Arab Emirates, or Saudi Arabia could convince the Muslim world to become more moderate? Did they enter into the Abraham Accords during the Trump administration only because Trump was supporting Israel? We have seen many Arab leaders going to Tehran recently? What is the health of the Abraham Accords today?

Mosab: First of all, we need to question whether Saudi Arabia is a moderate Arab country to begin with. Non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter the city of Mecca. It is a crime punishable by Saudi law. How can they be trusted if they continue to implement segregation, apartheid and discrimination? I am not a diplomat or a politician and I never will be. I do not know their calculations and I am not sure how much they choose to compromise with the devil.

Saudi Arabia is not Israel’s friend. Saudi Arabia has some common interests with Israel. That is why they have been tempted by the Abraham Accords. In my opinion those Accords are not fair to Israel, even though Israel accepted them as a means to start building bridges with the Arab world. In my personal opinion, the Accords need to be based on the right foundations or they will bear rotten fruit. I think the next president has to build a new foundation for the Abraham Accords after the war. I do not know which Arab nations would be involved. However, the Abraham Accords need to be rewritten based on the new reality in the region. Israel’s security has to be taken into consideration as priority number one.

Any party insisting on a two-state solution as a pre-condition, should not be considered a partner in this process. I would wait until the Saudis are ready. They will have to choose between Israel or Iran. The Saudis know that Israel is not their enemy. The Saudis also know that Iran would wipe out the entire Sunni world if they could. This is what they have been trying to do since the day of Ali Hassan and Hussein. The Iranians are out for revenge. They do not want the Sunnis to be in charge. They consider themselves the rulers of the Muslim world and the Saudi Arabian family is a threat to the Iranians.

So, the Saudis can continue to oppose Israel and wait for the Islamic regime to take over the region. If they do not want that to happen, they need to cooperate with Israel. They need to come to the table and apologize to Israel for funding terrorism over the years. Then they must acknowledge that Israel is a peace partner and a great neighbor. They must acknowledge that Israel is advanced in every field of life including religion, by the way. Once the Sunnis see and acknowledge Israel for what it is, I am sure Israel will help the Sunni world in ways beyond their imagination. There was a rich Arab culture before Sunni and Shia Islam. I do not believe Israel has any problem with the Arabians. I do not see a future between Israel and any Islamic entity in the region. I see the future between Israel and the Arabians and Israel and the Persians.

Those are ethnic groups and cultures which are flexible. They existed way before Islam and I think they have the capacity to adapt and modernize. So, the Abraham Accords of the past need adjustments. I do not think Israel should accept them the way they are.

Sarah: Right. Until the Khomeini revolution in 1979, Iran and Israel were close allies. Mosab, you have been alone in this fight. There are very few people who have displayed the intellectual honesty, integrity and moral courage that you have throughout the many years that I have known you. Do you think there are others like you in the Muslim and Arab world? One of our viewers asked if there is any religious support for an Islamic reformation and a rewriting of the Quran to be more humane and more tolerant?

Mosab: I do not know about others. Are there supposed to be others like me? The choices of my life are very extreme and very different and I speak with intensity. Not everyone is supposed to be the same. That said, I encourage people to leave their boxes, think for themselves, and be moderate. They do not have to go to the extremes that I had to go to. I severed my relationship with my father, and with the people I loved out of necessity. There was no way around it. I encourage people to remain in their own environments and to contribute to their own societies through knowledge and based on truth.

I am sure there are new voices coming up. I am very encouraged to see courageous people speaking out. Eventually, I think the movement will grow stronger because people are beginning to see what is actually going on. Unfortunately, it is very hard to see things clearly during war time. After the dust of war settles, people will assess the situation more rationally. They will begin to realize the damage that has been caused by the Islamists. They will begin to understand what the so-called Palestinian Revolution brought to the Middle East. They will see they are the root cause of all this chaos in the region.

I hope at some point there will be unity between Persians, Arabians and Israel. This would occur once they understand the source of chaos. At that point, we will be talking about a new world which would inspire the rest of humanity on a new and amazing basis. So, I have never lost my faith. I am not seeking to clone myself. I prefer to remain the way I am. I also prefer that everyone acts based on their own experience and based on where they are in their own growing understanding of what is happening. My understanding of the situation is also not final and I also learn something new every day.

Regarding reformation, I have spent the last ten years rewriting the story of Muhammad. I continue to stand firmly and strongly against Islamic ideology. However, I still respect Muhammad and his accomplishments. I respect these accomplishment in the context of the times in which he lived. Based on the accounts we have within Islam, he fought against slavery and he fought for women. So, over the past ten years, I have written a novel which is the jewel of my work. I spent many, many years writing this novel, and it is going to be published in January. It is called The Last Prophet. It is an amazing account of the life of Muhammad It is very respectful and stems from my love of the Arab world and the fact that I would like for them to see a Hajj.

We can actually derive inspiration from Muhammad if we assess his actions based on the environment and times in which he lived. We should not try to interpret the Quran as if it was written in the 21st century. I myself enjoy the intellectual arguments of the Quran, because they are so eloquent and so powerful. I do not have a problem with them but they have to be understood as having been written in the 7th century. The dictates of the Quran cannot be brought into the 21st century in a literal way. Unfortunately, many people consider the Quran to be legislation and they act on its decrees.

This new and positive account of Muhammed has never been written before. I think the Muslim, or Arab world, is in desperate need of guidance. They are looking for the Guru or the Master. This lack of guidance is why they are very offended when someone questions them. So, we are giving them an incredible account of the last prophet, and I hope that they will derive inspiration from it. Again, it is all about creative work. It is not only about my work. I think others need to do lots of work as well. The reformation has to come from within. People have to start to understand the nature of true divinity. They should understand there is no separation between creator and creation and that only man is created in God’s image, not vice versa.

The situation right now is twisted. People believe that man created God in his own image. I believe the way Allah is worshiped today, makes Allah just a projection and just another idol. The name is unimportant, it can be Allah or any other name. However, we need to understand that the mind and the ego cannot perceive the almighty power. They cannot perceive its source, and have to adapt to it with humility. If not, every ego thinks it is God with the right to dominate the universe. By the way, many religious people fall into this trap and not only those in Islam. Many religions have fallen into the trap of the ego, and they adapt it to violence and aggression. I think we are at this stage right now in Islam.

So, I have not lost hope, even given my views on the state of Islam. If you identify as a Muslim, I have a problem with you, because you do not know who you are. This is a very extreme stance, but I have no other choice. Until we bring things back into order and balance, my stance will remain the same. I will continue to act as a counterforce because we cannot allow hundreds of millions of people to believe that they have the right to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. This is insanity, and it is madness.

Sarah: Mosab, if you had a few minutes to spend with President Biden, or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, what would be your advice to them?

Mosab: Wow. I do not know if I will ever meet either one of them. We are very, very different currents in this existence. I do not know if it will happen naturally. If a miracle happened and we were to be in the same room, I am not sure they would listen to my point of view.

The United States of America should not wait to act against Iranian aggression. They should not fail to confront Iran because of the upcoming US elections. Iran just launched hundreds of ballistic missiles against Israel. The US participated in defending, and that is great. The role of the superpower should not only be to act defensively. It should deal with the root cause of the problem. It should deal with all of Iran’s aggression, its funding and its proxies. The role of the superpower is to confront the regime destabilizing security throughout the region, and globally.

We have a responsibility. The adequate response to Iran’s attack on Israel, would have been the total destruction of the Iranian nuclear program, with no hesitation. From the beginning of the war, I was expecting the United States to do just that. They had the opportunity. They still have the opportunity to assassinate Nasrallah. They know where he is. They can get to him. If Israel has to do this alone, it will be a much longer and tougher war for everybody. It will be especially difficult for the Lebanese people who have a Christian majority. Iran did not plant Hezbollah in Lebanon accidentally. They consider Lebanon to be a Christian country, just as they consider Israel to be a Jewish country. They have a Shia proxy in Lebanon destabilizing the entire country, and they have a Sunni proxy destabilizing Israel.

This is their strategy. They hate the Sunnis more than they hate the United States and more than they hate the Jewish people. However, the Jewish people are a common enemy who they are using as a means to achieve their ultimate goal. They are sick people. The Iranian Khamenei and the Iranian Mullahs are sick people. Why is the United States postponing a confrontation with Iran? Why did the United States president not give the order to demolish Iran’s nuclear program? Why is he allowing Islamists and the Islamic revolution, to obtain dangerous intellectual property that should never fall in the hands of these irresponsible people.

If Iran becomes a nuclear power, can you imagine how they are going to blackmail everybody? They are blackmailing everybody with ballistic missiles. What will their attitude be when they become a nuclear power?

So, why wait? Hezbollah must be destroyed. The United States has to go all in. The US cannot keep one leg in and one leg out. They cannot please everybody and they cannot appease voters in Dearborn and officials like Rashida Tlaib. True leaders do not attempt to please everyone. They take risks and they do what is right, even if it means losing the election. I do not understand why our president is so attached to the Oval Office. With all due respect, the man is dying. He should do something correct on his way out instead of literally humiliating himself and the country he represents. He is begging terrorists to sit at a negotiating table. This is humiliating for the US and also humiliating for himself.

So, do you think Biden would listen if I tell him everything he has done wrong in the past eight months? He would be very insulted by this. I do not have any other language to use to tell him what I think. I have been shouting out loud from my gut from day one. I have yelled that the US must show them the might but they have not done so. Look what has happened. The war has taken much longer because Hamas is exploiting the division between the United States and Israel. They think they are winning because they have delegitimized Israel. They think they are winning because they have corrupted the presidency and they now have a seat at the negotiating table. They think they have become legitimate because students at universities worldwide have been supporting their cause. This has given them the lifeline to continue their campaign.

So, legitimizing terrorists is not the solution. It is a very dangerous step. It has normalized their atrocities and created a new world with a new reality. Now we must coexist with terrorists and that is very, very dangerous. I think, the American policy towards the Middle East has actually made things a lot worse. Had the United States addressed the reality of the situation at the outset, we could have finished this war with Iran and with Hezbollah within three months. It is not only about Israel. It is not only about the Jewish people. This is about global security and about the people who took things too far. It is not about 1,500 people who were killed on October 7th, it is about the nature of the attack. Legitimizing and normalizing such attacks, leads to global chaos. I hope that they will understand this at some point.

Sarah: So, it might take a tremendous amount of bloodshed before they come to that point.

Mosab: Yeah.

Sarah: Mosab, if there is anything in my life that I have done that I am as proud of, it is helping in some way to save your life. I adore my husband, my children and my grandchildren and I adore you as much as I do them. You will always be like a son to me.

Mosab: Thank you.

Sarah: God bless you. I want everybody to hear these words. I ask everyone in our audience to support EMET’s work. Next week, Sarit Zehavi, from the Alma Center, will talk to us about Hezbollah’s assault on Israel. Lebanon is another front in Iran’s plan to strangle the state of Israel. We hope that we will prevail and come out of this stronger and prouder and more resilient. We hope to carry with us the courage that Mosab Hussein Yusuf continues to display every day. Thank you so much, Mosab.

Mosab: Thank you. Thank you.

Sarah: Bye-bye.



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