The Call to Stop the Iran Deal from Those Who Know the Regime Best

Perhaps no one knows the evils of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran better than the Iranian Diaspora.  Many have witnessed loved ones and watched while tens of thousands of dissidents, human rights activists, members of religious minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community have faced “show trials. ” These usually last no more than a few moments and frequently result in torture and execution.

If this “nuclear deal” does go through, who are we empowering? Why are we ignoring the voices of thousands of courageous Iranian dissidents who despise the regime, and cementing the rule of this repressive, brutal theocracy seeking global hegemony?

Why are we trying to isolate one evil, Russia, while empowering another, the Islamic Republic of Iran? And what can we possibly do about it?

Here to answer these questions is Cameron Khansarinia, Policy Director of the National Union for Democracy in Iran.

About the speaker: Cameron Khansarinia is Policy Director of NUFDI, a Washington-based non-partisan, non-profit organization representing the Iranian-American community in pursuit of a US policy toward Iran rooted in democracy and human rights. Prior to joining NUFDI he lived in New York City and worked at BlackRock. He studied government and political theory at Harvard where he served as the President of the Iranian Association and as the Vice President of the Student Body. After the completion of his thesis under the advisement of Professor Harvey C. Mansfield, he graduated in 2018.

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