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As Israel has faced a barrage of missiles from Gaza in the south and Hezbollah from the north, attacks have also come from within Israel from its native Arab population. Here to analyze how this has come about and to offer possible solutions is Dr. Reven Berko.

About the speaker: 

Dr. Lt. Col. (Ret.) Reuven Berko is a distinguished scholar and analyst on Islamic and Arab Studies, whose research focuses on radical fundamentalist Islam. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Haifa  University and acquired a unique level of academic expertise in the field of the “Operational Code of Radical Islam.”

Berko served as a Case Officer mainly in Lebanon and Gaza and currently serves as a Prisoners’ Interrogator in reserve duty and received Israel’s prestigious “Head of the Intelligence Corps Award for Creative Thinking.” Prior to his service in Unit 504, an intelligence unit also responsible for prisoner interrogation, Berko served as an officer at the Paratroopers Brigade.

Following his military retirement and role as head of the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Robbery Prevention Unit, Berko served for 10 years as Col.  (Ret.) Advisor on Arab Affairs to the Chief of Jerusalem Police. He advised senior policymakers and in charge of mediation between Israel’s Arab population and the police.

Today, Berko is a frequent senior commentator and contributor in the international broadcast regarding Arab and Islamic Affairs. With his experience in both academic and practical contexts, Berko provides an original approach to understanding the complex developments regarding the Islamic and Arab Worlds.

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