Israel’s Government is in Crisis
Aside from the global coronavirus pandemic, and the myriad security threats, uniquely facing the state of Israel today, Israel is facing a crisis. Today, in an unexpected turn of events, the long term speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, resigned. What is behind this extremely rare move by Yuli Edelstein?

And yesterday, we have learned that the Blue and White Party, in its attempt to get enough seats to form a government has offered the chairmanship of the Labor, Health and Welfare Committee, a committee that deals with victims of Palestinian terrorism to the Joint List, a coalition of all of the Arab Knesset parties, many of whose members, themselves, expressed support for Palestinian terrorism.

In April, it will be an entire year since Israel has had a fully functioning government. What is happening to have created such a crisis within the Israeli government today?

Is Israel headed towards a 4th election? How could that occur, given that the entire nation of Israel is under quarantine? What would happen if there is a military emergency during these days?

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