“Understanding the Necessity of Bibi’s Speech Before Congress

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On Tuesday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a historic speech before the U.S. Congress on the existential threat the radical Islamist Iranian Regime poses to the State of Israel, the U.S., and the entire world amid reports that the U.S. Administration is about to produce a bad deal with Iran. The Prime Minister’s main message to the U.S. Congress and the American people was both compelling and impossible to dispute.  He started by saying, “We must all stand together to stop Iran’s march of conquest, subjugation, and terror.”  He noted that Iran is the vicious enemy of both Israel and the U.S., mentioning that it is the U.S. – and not Israel – that is called the “Great Satan.”  Iran has been responsible for attacks on the U.S., in the 70’s by taking hostage personnel in the U.S. Embassy of Tehran, in the 80’s by creating the terrorist group Hezbollah that killed hundreds of American Marines in Lebanon, and in the 2000’s by supplying IEDs to Iraqi terror groups that killed hundreds more American soldiers. Iran is increasingly “gobbling” up the Middle East nations of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen.  It also continues to be the leading state sponsor of terrorism. Please join us as we host Dr. Harold Rhode for a phone seminar to discuss the importance of PM Netanyahu’s speech and the greater importance of understanding the threat of a nuclear radical
Islamist Iranian Regime.

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