Action Alert: Call your Senators & Congressmen NOW!

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Please call your Senators and Congressmen and ask them to vote against this disastrous deal! Use these five facts to express your concerns about the deal!

This proposed nuclear deal with Iran is a danger to the United States and our allies, and to our children and grandchildren.

The Capitol Hill Switchboard number: 202.224.3121

Five Most Dangerous Aspects of the Iranian Nuclear Deal

  • This deal actually gives international consent to Iran from the community of nations to build a nuclear bomb in a mere 15 years.Despite being promised several times by the Obama administration that “Iran must not get a nuclear bomb.” And that is assuming that they do not cheat. Given that all restrictions from the international community will be lifted after 15 years, Iran will then have the ability to produce a bomb within days.
  • Iran does not have to come clean about the past military dimensions of its nuclear program.Despite being promised by the Obama administration that “Iran must come clean about its past military dimensions”, this is not even part of the agreement. In fact, they now have been given present and future military dimensions by giving them the consent to purchase intercontinental ballistic missiles. Please note that the Iranians do not need intercontinental ballistic missiles to reach Tel Aviv or Riyadh, but they do need them to reach Western Europe and the continental United States.
  •  Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. They will be getting a huge influx of at least 150 billon dollars in sanctions relief.This relief was supposed to have been gotten in compliance with the agreement. This relinquishes any sort of leverage we might have on Iran. Even if just a fraction of 150 billion dollars goes towards terrorism, a fraction of 150 billion dollars is a great deal of money, and can do an enormous amount of damage.
  •  The IAEA will have to go through a bureaucratic process and apply to a committee, on which Iran sits, to get permission to inspect a site. And then, Iran has up to 24 days to clean up the site.Despite being told that the International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA) will have “anytime/anywhere” inspections. Olli Heinonen, Former Director of the IAEA said that most nuclear sites could be totally cleaned up within 24 days.
  • The P5 plus 1 nations, of which the United States is a part, are supposed to cooperate, in terms of training courses and workshops to protect against threats to their nuclear facilities.This includes non-military threats, such as Stuxnet. In other words, if in the future either the United States, Saudi Arabia or Israel learn of an impending attack and try to prevent it by means of a computer virus, we are supposed to now train them on how to prevent their facilities from contracting that virus.
You may also find your Congressmen by zip code here. and visit this link to find contact information for your Senators.
Every phone call makes a difference. 

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