Action Alert: Call Your Senators TODAY to Ensure Congressional Review of any Nuclear Deal with the Iranian Regime

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Action Alert: Call Your Senators TODAY to Ensure Congressional Review of any Nuclear Deal with the Iranian Regime

As you may be aware, this week S. 615 (AKA the ‘Corker-Menendez’ bill) will be going in to markup, a crucial next step in the process for this key piece of legislation. The purpose of Corker-Menendez is simple: to allow Congress to have a say in whatever final deal the P5+1 talks with Iran produces by allowing Congress to review the deal before it goes into effect. The spirit of this legislation is completely in line with the priority our Constitution puts on checks and balances. This is why it is crucial you contact your Senators and let them know you want them to support this bill.

There are some, particularly in White House, who say that this bill could scuttle negotiations. But as Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), an original cosponsor of the legislation, said last week: “there is zero chance that Corker-Menendez passing will harm these negotiations.” The Senator is absolutely right. It is crucial that Congress, the direct representatives of the people, have a say in what will be perhaps the most important international agreement we have seen in decades. Without a review process, the discrepancies in the various ‘fact sheets’ on the deal’s framework could allow Iran to cheat the international community and continue on their pathway to a nuclear weapon.

Achieving bipartisan support for this initiative is paramount. President Obama has threatened to veto Corker-Menendez, meaning it a veto proof majority will be required for it to become law. Unfortunately, many supporters of this legislation are receiving heavy criticism for their support of this bill and some are beginning to waiver. If your Senator(s) are a cosponsor or supporter of this bill, it is especially important you call their office immediately and let them know you support their decision to stand by this bill. If not, please urge your Senators to support the bill.

Please visit this link to check if your Senator is a cosponsor of this bill. You may also visit this link to find contact information for your Senators, or call the switch board at 202-224-3121.

Every phone call makes a difference. The few minutes it takes to contact your Senators about this crucial issue could make a world of difference for the future of U.S. national security, and that of our allies in Europe, Israel, and across the globe. 

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