Action Alert: Let Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Voice Be Heard

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As you are well aware, the Iranian nuclear program is a massive threat to US and European interests and an existential threat to our ally Israel. That being said, it is Israel that is first in the line of fire of any potential Iranian nuclear weapons, yet the Israelis have not been able to have their voice heard, and were not even invited to participate in the P5+1 talks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the duly elected leader of the people of Israel, should be provided an opportunity to have his voice heard by Israel’s chief ally, the United States. The primary and fundamental responsibility of any national leader is to provide for the survival and security of his citizens. The Prime Minister should be afforded the same respect and dignity that any of our other allies would be given and have historically been provided. Please call your representatives in Congress today to ensure that they attend the Prime Minister’s speech on March 3rd

The threat posed to our ally Israel by the Iranian nuclear program goes beyond politics. Every member of Congress, regardless of party, should at the very least attend the Prime Minister’s speech and let his voice be heard. President Obama and a small minority of Congress have obfuscated the importance of listening to the speech by fixating upon imagined breaches of protocol, but this is simply a hollow excuse. As a matter of fact, Speaker Boehner followed the exact same procedure when he invited Pope Francis to address a joint session of Congress, and no one seems to be concerned about that.  When our allies need us most we must put aside politics and show united support. As Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons, and the Obama administration is fixated on concluding a deal with Iran without Congressional oversight, it is clear that now is one of those times.
Please call your representatives immediately and tell them you expect them to be present and hear the leader of our greatest ally on March 3rd.  You may find your Congressmen by zip code here. Every phone call makes a difference. Please flood your Congressmen with your calls now.

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