Sarah Stern to Speak at Baltimore Rally in Opposition to Car Companies Doing Business in Iran

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Sarah Stern

President of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) Sarah Stern will speak at a rally outside the 2013 Baltimore Auto Show at the Baltimore Convention Center Sunday, February 10th. Below is a press release from the rally organizers. EMET encourages everyone in the Baltimore area to come out and join us in protest. The rally will target the primarily foreign car companies which continue to maintain subsidaries or joint ventures which do business with the Iranian regime. Such rallies help to make the American public aware of loopholes which continue to exist in sanctions legislation, which permit companies to take advantage of Iranian trade without suffering the consquences of American law.

Sunday February 10,
11 am- 1 pm
Baltimore Convention Center

This coming Sunday February 10, 2013, between 11 am and 1 pm, Baltimoreans will peacefully assemble in front of the Baltimore Convention Center, the site of the 2013 Baltimore Auto Show, to call upon auto manufacturers exhibiting at the auto show to stop doing business in Iran.

Among the manufacturers targeted are Nissan, which has a longtime relationship with an Iranian car manufacturer that has been producing Nissan cars and trucks in Iran since 1987;  Renault, which has a joint venture agreement with Iranian companies that manufacture and sell in Iran various passenger vehicles; Volkswagen, whose subsidiary MAN SE sells commercial vehicles through six Iranian dealers, and is involved in the construction of shipping vessels for the Iranian regime;  and Mazda,  Mercedes, and Mitsubishi, all of whom have agents or offices in Iran.

The goal of the protest is to make the public aware of which companies are still doing business in Iran, and how those operations support an authoritarian regime which abuses the human rights of its own citizens, is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, and which threatens global security by pursuing an illegal nuclear weapons program. Protesters will hold signs urging the companies to disassociate from Iran, and will distribute leaflets to the public regarding this issue.

Sunday’s event has been organized by the Baltimore Zionist District, Shalom USA Radio, and United Against Nuclear Iran (a nonpartisan advocacy group that pressures international companies to cease dealings with Iran), and supported by 15 local and national synagogues and organizations.

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