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A Nov. 29 op-ed in The Washington Post by former State Department analyst Aaron David Miller and former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer appears to reveal an inveterate animus towards the Jewish state.

Miller and Kurtzer cite the incoming Israeli government—especially soon-to-be ministers Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, as well as returning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—as a pretext to call on the Biden administration to tell Israel that the U.S. will “not provide offensive weapons” to the Jewish state if Israel does not follow the administration’s dictates.

Tellingly, the authors make no such unconditional demands of foreign nations and entities that are purveyors or supporters of terrorism, such as the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Iran, Qatar, Hamas or Hezbollah. Only America’s closest democratic ally in the Middle East is singled out for such punishment.

Indeed, Miller and Kurtzer’s bias against Israel is overt and unapologetic from the beginning of their column, in which they characterize the new Israeli government as “radical” and “right-wing.” In contrast, they describe the P.A.—which is run by a chauvinistic and exclusionary nationalist movement strongly influenced by Nazism—as merely “weak” and “unable to control violence and terror.”

But Palestinian violence and terror occurs not because of the P.A.’s inability to control it, but because the P.A. promotes and subsidizes it. Besides pervasive incitement to violence in its media and educational institutions, the P.A.’s “pay-to-slay” policy rewards Palestinian terrorists and their families with lifetime stipends. Indeed, the P.A. spends an estimated $250 million annually on this program.

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