EMET’s Up-Hill Battle (AUDIO)

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Sarah Stern, founder of Endowment for Middle East Truth, tells VOI’s Eve Harow about her organization’s efforts to prevent the current deal with Iran.

She describes the unusual coalition of Jewish lobbyists, including members of AIPAC, who have joined forces to prevent Western leaders from capitulating to the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism.

Originally published at: https://www.voiceofisrael.com/emets-up-hill-battle/

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The Endowment for Middle East Truth
Founded in 2005, The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) is a Washington, D.C. based think tank and policy center with an unabashedly pro-America and pro-Israel stance. EMET (which means truth in Hebrew) prides itself on challenging the falsehoods and misrepresentations that abound in U.S. Middle East policy.

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