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‘Waiting for the Dawn Visitors’

Suzanne Pollak

Washington Jewish Week

An excellent piece of reporting from Suzanne Pollack of the Washington Jewish Week highlighting the EMET 6th annual Rays of Light in the Darkness Dinner held June 21st, 2012, featuring Speaker of the Truth Cynthia Farahat. All in all it was a truly wonderful event, highlighting the great speakers of the truth. EMET once again expresses its thanks to our honorees, and to all those who were able to attend.
It wasn’t that many years ago that Cynthia Farahat was a political activist in Egypt, calling for normal relations with Israel and working “side by side with secularists, Muslims, Christians and atheists.”

Those years were filled with fear, constantly learning of missing friends and family and always “waiting for the dawn visitors,” the Egyptian security that came in the early mornings, Farahat told the 260 people gathered at a June 21 dinner in support of EMET, Endowment for Middle East Truth.

Farahat fled Egypt about three years ago and has been speaking out and publishing articles criticizing the Egyptian government and in particular, its crackdown on Copts, Egyptian Christians, ever since.

As co-founder of the Masr el-Om Party, later renamed the Liberal Egyptian Party, Farahat worked for the rights of the non-Muslims under the former Hosni Mubarak regime.

“The Muslim Brotherhood was never banned. I was banned,” she said. “You could say death to the Jews, but you cannot say the opposite. It could cost you your life,” she told the audience at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the District.

While working for the abolishment of Shariah, the moral code and religious law of Islam, Farahat witnessed a friend being stabbed, her brother being beaten and called a Jew, and her name prominently posted on an online hit list, she said. This violence is always conducted “while they are screaming Allahu Akbar [God is great],” she said.

Farahat says she managed to avoid death and make it to America, “because I understand that it takes a victim to create a victimizer,” adding she never “compromised with evil. There is only submission or courageous fight,” she said.

For her efforts, she was one of several people receiving a Ray of Light in the Darkness award from EMET.

Also receiving that award was Simon Deng, who as a young child was captured in South Sudan and sold into slavery. He eventually made it to this country, where he speaks out against slavery and human rights abuses.

Due to delays on his Amtrak train, he wasn’t able to attend the dinner.

In a short video, Deng talked about “the worst sort of racism,” which is what he described as the United Nations’ “calling Israel a racist state. It is absolutely absurd.”

“Arab racism is the same, whether in Khartoum or Cairo,” he said in the video.

In Israel, “we are welcomed and treated like human beings. The black Muslims from Darfur choose Israel. Compared to Egypt, Israel is heaven,” he said.

Also receiving the Ray of Light award were Ambassador John Bolton, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who is still rehabilitating from a stroke.

Earlier in the evening, Sarah Stern, EMET founder and president, called for America to stop aid to Egypt, work to end the violence in Syria and to “stop playing into Iranian hands” as that country builds its nuclear weapons facility.

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The Denice Gary-Pandol Show ~ 05.18.2012. Special guest Sarah Stern

The Denice Gary-Pandol Show

1.  Are young Muslims from the United States, including California, taking high-visibility positions inside an Al-Qaeda affiliated group in Somalia, the al-Shabab terrorist group?

2.  What do Sarah Stern and I agree might be the most effective approach to a foreign policy that will win the war against Islamic terrorists?  How do so-called Palestinians fit into this scenario?

3. What are Islamists doing on the streets of Germany with the Pro-NRW party?  Tension between Islamists and this nationalist group in Germany are on the rise.  Hear my latest report, in addition to information that police in Greece are now turning to Golden Dawn, Greece’s neo-NAZI group who have just won 7% of the vote in the general election for 21-25 seats in Parliament.

4. TIME magazine features an authoritarian, non-democratic Islamist on the front cover as the People’s Choice for TIME’s 2011 Person of the Year.  Find out more about this choice.  Consider what President Obama’s relationship is to a dictator who is hostile to U.S. interests and has sided with Iran on the nuclear issue?

5.  Also hear an update on the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement.  Obama and Co. appear to embrace Iran’s latest con re: their nuclear / military build-up.  What are the Israeli’s saying?

6. Again, hear what you can do to alert Congress, the White House, your churches and synagogues about American women and children, Christians and Jews, trapped and isolated in Muslim countries?  How can you help?  Begin by letting the media and Washington lawmakers know that American embassies need to provide a safe haven for American citizens and others living in Muslim countries who continue to suffer persecution, including Muslims who have left Islam and committed apostasy.  Jews, Christians, and former Muslims are in need of a way of escape.

Lawmakers, counter-terrorism experts, Middle East specialists like myself, seek only to identify and expose dangerous ideologies, not a race of people.  Any race can embrace any ideology.  An ideology most dangerous to Western people and nations in the 21st century is radical or political Islamism.  Whatever you choose to call threats by the followers of Islam, the activities by individuals who call for a civilizational jihad and/or a violent jihad against non-Muslim people and nations must be openly discussed in order to secure intelligent polices and practices at the highest levels of government.

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The P.A. Hate Machine

Adam Kredo

Washington Free Beacon


The Obama administration justified releasing more than $192 million in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority with false information, according to an Israeli expert who monitors the Palestinian media’s constant promotion of violent, hateful rhetoric.

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US Considers Prosecuting Schalit Deal Terrorists


Jerusalem Post

The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) is pleased to see its efforts to support justice for American victims of Palestinian Terrorism beginning to bear fruit. In the Jerusalem Post Monday, March 19th, 2012, reporter Joanna Paraszczuk notes a letter from the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OJVOT) received by American citizen and terror victim Alan Bauer.

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Reps. Walsh and Berman Send Bipartisan Letter

House of Representitives Committee on Foreign Affairs – Democrats

WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) and Congressman Howard Berman (CA-28), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, sent a bipartisan letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to uphold U.S. law and bring Palestinian terrorists who have killed and wounded Americans overseas to justice in American courts.

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